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BSG All Access Event, Part I (getting there)

What a day I had yesterday!  At 11:45 am, I was still struggling with the decision whether or not we should drive all the way down to LA for the BSG All Access Event.  I was facing up to 6 hours of driving each way with no garentee of admittance to the event.  In the end, it was hubby who took the decision out of my hand--"Let's go!" he said, "What the hack, you can be crazy once."

But I still had a work meeting at noon, so by the time we were on our way, it was almost 2:00 in the afternoon.  Hubby drove all the way to LA, and he drove like a mad man--it took us less than 4 and half hours to get there!  Fortunately, We didn't encounter traffic in the direction we were going until the last mile, and even that wasn't all that bad.  The Cinerama Dome was right off Hwy 101 on W. Sunset Blvd--easily accessible.  Hubby dropped me off in front of the theater (quite illegally) and went to park the car.  It was a little after 6:00 pm.  As I approached the line, a guy there with a handful of green wrist bands put one of them on me.  I was excited--does this mean I get to go in?!  I asked one for hubby saying he would come momentarily, but the guy said no--one for each guest only!  As I stood in line, anxiously looking for hubby, I caught a brief glimpse of a guy in black suit walked past me (all by himself).  I thought gosh, he looked just like Romo Lampkin! But I quickly dismissed the idea he could be Mark Sheppard.  Anyway, the line moved quickly towards the entrance.  Fortunately, hubby showed up right after I got in the theater.  We ended up being seated at the center section of the second to last row (of the occupied ones, there were some empty ones at the very back of the theater).

To my surprise and delight, at 6:45, they showed Crossroads II on the big screen in HD.  I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to view the show on the big screen.  The audience clapped for the first time after Lee delivered his big speech on the stand.  From that moment on, other big moments received the same "nod" as well--i.e., Romo telling Baltar the cat metaphor, Tigh declaring he wants to be Saul Tigh, Starbuck showing up at the end...  When the show was over, it got a BIG round of applause.

Then it was a waiting game for the panel to start.  We tested our camera and I schemed with stilettos81  to leave the cell phone on so that she could hear what's been said.  However we were informed cameras and other "recording" devices, including the cellphones were strictly forbidden.  Violators would be escorted out of the theater.  I argued but this is supposed to be an "ALL ACCESS" event, why the restrictions?!  Anyway, we had to put away the camera and cell phones.  Hubby was not going to let me risk being kicked out after all the trouble of getting here!  I was so bummed out about not being able to take pictures of Jamie, Katee, EJO, and Mary!  So the only picture I have to show for the evening is a picture of the venue I took after the event:

With that, came to the conclusion of the first part of my report--crap, I have another meeting to go to right now, and I'll update the next part soon...

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