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BSG All Access Event, Part II

At around 8:15 pm, host Lucy Lawless walked on stage.  Her hair was styled in a no-fuss chignon, and she was wearing a black floor-length gown.  She started the introduction with the customary accolades BSG had received recently.  I think the audience was particularly impressed with the show receiving second place at the "best Scifi show" from Entertainment Weekly, wedged between Matrix and Blade Runner!  After the brief introduction, Lucy welcomed her guests amidst a huge round of applauses.

The guests filed on stage in the order of Ron, David, Eddie, Mary, Jamie, and Katee.  Ron and David appeared to me dressed in the same "uniform" they seemed to be wearing in most of their public appearances.  Eddie was wearing a sports jacket with dark colored shirt and jean.  Mary was in a gorgeous turquoise blue dress with white (maybe patent) leather heels.  With her fiery red hair, she looked stunning!  Next to her was Jamie--boy, was he hot!!!  After seeing picture after picture of him having longish hair and a fuzz on his face, it was really nice to see him once again with short hair (similar to the style in season 2 promo shots I think) and a clean-shaven face (although he might be sporting a 5-o'clock shadow, I was too far to be able to tell for sure.)  Jamie was wearing a white shirt, a light colored (white I think) blazer over a medium-washed vintage looking jean.  Maybe it's the clothing, but Jamie appeared even slighter and leaner in person.  Next to Jamie was Katee dressed in a low-cut white cotton dress with a pair of boots.  The dress IMHO was not the most flattering dress for someone like Katee--it had split puffy sleeves with extra bows at the edge that just added bulk to the arms, and the chunky heeled knee-high boots were at odds with the dainty dress.  But despite that, Katee looked adorable to me--she had that dewy complexion of youth that's so pretty.

The guests walked on the stage and all took their seats.  The stage crews clipped microphones on each of the guests.  At one point, Jamie got up and went in front of the stage to grab a water bottle.  Following his lead, Katee did the same as well.  After everyone was settled in, Lucy began conducting "interviews" of her guests.

A disclaimer:  from this point on, what I write is to the best of my recollection of what's been said.  I'm sure I would omit things, get the orders mixed up; and not remember how some of the questions were asked.  I tried very hard to stay focused and remember everything.  But in all honesty, I was a bit distracted by the fact I saw Jamie in person--even though he was seated so far away!

Lucy started by asking if Ron and David can smell a big white elephant in the room.  Both gentlemen weren't sure what she was referring to, so she clarified by bringing up the topic of the end for BSG--how do they feel about it?  Ron and David basically answered what had already been said--that it was a creative decision, they had always known there'd be an end from the very beginning, etc, etc.  Last season, they knew they had gotten close to the end once they showed Eye of Jupiter and revealed 4 of the last five cylons ("one had slipped through and then Kara showed up," was what Ron added.) What I found most interesting was Ron elaborated by saying he still had two chapters to go in his head, there were two more things he wanted to do.  "They will get to Earth," he said.  Ron mentioned that at every episode's opening credits, they show the words that the humans were searching for Earth so they would resolve that.  David chimed in that they also show the cylons have a plan.  To that Ron snickered it was a mistake, why did they ever thought of that line?  I'm a little confused at the implication of what they were saying here:  are the two things left in Ron's head 1) get to Earth, 2) unmask cylons' plan?  Does it mean that the fleet would reach Earth at the end of the first chapter, and then the second chapter would deal with resolving cylons' master plan?  Or does Ron think cylons' plan was a load of BS, that it would take two chapters for the fleet to get to Earth? ::pull hair::

After Ron and David gave their inputs, it was Eddie's turn.  He gave an eloquent and heart felt speech on how privileged he was to be involved with this show.  He emphasized there will not be another show quite like this in a long time.  BSG is ground breaking, and it's ahead of its time that people would still appreciate it many years down the road.  I think I detected a sense of sadness from Eddie that a brilliant project is drawing to a conclusion.

Following Eddie was Mary's turn.  She joked why does she always have to follow Eddie?  She expressed it was tough to top what Eddie said, and she agreed with everything he mentioned.  She expounded more on the awesome relationships they all had working for this project, and how sad it is to see the project that bounds everyone together is about to end.  Ron and David interjected what a prime example Mary and Eddie had set for the fellow cast and crews--these two Oscar nominated stars had defined what's professionalism and how to conduct oneself on the set.

I was still basking in the "awwww-ness" of what's been said, Lucy demanded to know how the young actors feel about the ending of BSG.  Several seconds of silence.  Finally, Jamie broke the ice by asking:  "Are you looking at me?!"  Audience started laughing at the implied "ouch" at Eddie and Mary's expense with Lucy's comment.  Lucy seemed to realize she might just put her foot in her mouth and tried to back track.  Jamie jokingly (and smoothly IMO) said to Eddie "Okay, it's your turn now."  Then he grew serious--for a second.  To answer Lucy's question, he launched a self deprecating irony on how he couldn't wait for this thing to end so that he could get on with his illustrious career in theater and film.  I have to say I really enjoyed Jamie's corky sense of humor.  I love it whenever a person can poke fun at him/herself!  Again, Jamie grew serious--for a second.  Then he joked he's a British actor, so he had to moan and complain.  Jokingly he said he moaned and complained when he was handed a six year contract to sign--who would commit oneself into making a "stupid" show for six years?!  But when he was told the show is about to end a week before, he moaned and complained once more.  Just as it seemed Jamie wasn't gonna seriously answer Lucy's question, he switched his tone again, and this time he was serious for real.  He expressed how fortunate it was for them the show is ending on the producers' term.  BSG has been an epic story, it would be such a shame if "the last couplet was left out".  He believed the last season of the show is gonna be huge (I think he described it as "muscular") for there were so many loose ends to be tied, and he believed each of them would be addressed.  He also echoed Eddie and Mary on how fortunate he was to work on this show, and he had learned so much from the people on his left; then he pointed to Katee--and the person on his right.  Jamie joked since there were more people sitting on his left, he'd mention them first...  Jamie said he'd hope to take what he learned here and apply them to his future projects.  For "selfish" reasons (since I'm turning into a HUGE fan of Jamie), I was very pleased with the "looking to the future" vibe I got from him.  By no means I felt he couldn't wait to move on, but I did get the sense that he's not seeing this as the end of his career.

To be continued...

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