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BSG All Access Event, Part III

Lucy brought up the big deception of Starbuck being killed.  The story is what we are all familiar with by now, so I'm not going to repeat it again.  Suffice to say Katee ended the tale with the fact she got a case of free booze, and Jamie made the comment "It's never good to lie to your friends."  (Thank you Jamie!)  Mary concurred (with Jamie) "They never seem to work."

The next question I can remember was Lucy wanting to know what was the actors' most memorable scene.  She offered her own as being the first scene she shot for BSG in which she ran into an almost naked Lee!  The audience bursted laughing and cheering.  Seemed to me it took Jamie a second to realize what Lucy was talking about.  Then he tilted his head and laughed heartily, followed by making an embarrassed gesture--so very cute.  He then said it was in fact one of the most intimidating scene he had to do--getting almost naked in front of Xena, the Princess Warrior!  Lucy further teased Jamie how did he manage to do the scene--the towel slipped promptly and only so far--was there a rubber-band involved?  The people sitting behind me squeed quietly: "Oh, she's good!" ::teehee::

While people were still laughing and cheering, Lucy moved onto Katee, and wanted to know what was her most memorable scene.  As Katee was considering the answer, Ron (or was it David?) suggested to her the scene with Callum Keith Reinnie--the "pasty" incident.  It was Katee's turn this time to throw back her head and laugh heartily:  "Oh yeah, the pasty incident!"  In between the giggles, and ignoring the fact her "publicist probably would shoot her", Katee began to describe a funny little interlude during the filming of the beginning sequence in Maelstrom.  Apparently in the scene where Leoban had Kara cornered to the wall, whilst they got physical, Katee's clothes slipped, and she was told her breast was showing.  "Not any more!"  She said Callum answered.  Katee made the gesture with her hands as if she was dipping them in an imaginary  bucket of paste, then raised them up.  She explained after grabbing hands full of paste, Callum smeared them all over her exposed breast.  But then he just left his hands there--on her boobs!

I forgot what led them to joke about the amount of money they could get by auctioning off the props.  Katee joked on her last day of shooting, she would just drove home with her flightsuit and helmet and sell them on ebay--she said she'd put her kid through college with the money she would get.

I think it was Lucy who asked when Admiral Adama and Laura Roslin were going to get laid!  Again, audience bursted out laughing and cheering.  Jamie joked "What make you think they haven't done so already?"  Mary pointed out that something seemed went down that night on New Caprica!  Someone (I don't remember who, probably Mary) said all those shaving Adama did amounts to something--maybe he was getting himself ready for action!  Jamie joked his character doesn't seem to have them anymore, where did all his go?!  Heh, I think he was talking about his facial hair, but he could also be insinuating on getting a piece of "action"?!

Next, they discussed how BSG became the social commentary that it is.  Ron explained that David had him watching the pilot of the original Battlestar not long after 9/11.  After watching it, he felt the basic setup of the original series resonated with what was happening in real life--the apocalyptic attack, a group of the last survivors, the enemy in hot pursuit.  That was when he and David seriously decided on doing this show, and they planned to have the show reflect the real social experiences of our time.  Ron said the network was behind them and pushed for the idea of setting BSG apart from the other scifi shows on TV (such as Stargate, Farscape, etc.)  Ron added that it was the network's idea to give the show the religious aspect.  It was Michael Jackson (no relation to the other one) from the network who picked up the line "God is love" spoken by Six to Baltar.  Mary interjected John McCain said the exact same thing just the other day!  Ron said although he wanted BSG to have a contemporary feel, he still wanted the super-structure of the show to base on the original series--it's about a Commander named Adama, his son, and the rag-tag fleet.  There's Apollo, and his best friend Starbuck, whom he probably has the hots for.  (I can't begin to describe how happy I was upon hearing RDM say the show is about Adama and his son!!!)

The next thing I can remember was Lucy's comments that aside from the incredible cast, writers and directors, BSG also has an amazing crew.  She specifically singled out the music was phenomenal.  I was silently cheering "Yay!  Bear McCreary!"  Ron concurred and he also added a little fact that back in the mini series, when Adama "gave his benediction, or farewell", when the Viper squadron did its flyby, you hear this fanfare which was their nod to the original series for nostalgia.  He also mentioned they chose percussion music such as Taiko drums to set the series apart from other scifi dramas.  I have to say I really love the music from BSG, especially those drums.  They are so pulsating, and in some cases even ominous.  I think they befit the theme of the story perfectly.

As they were on the subject of music, Mary told a story of Eddie bringing a piece of music on the set during the mini series that ended up having a great effect on the cast and crew.  She described the piece as being very organic.  She was struggling to remember the name of the artist who did it, a voice in the audience readily supplied her with the answer.  I'm pretty impressed with the knowledge base of the fandom here!  Mary very charmingly told Eddie to "shut up" because she's telling something nice about him, and if he interrupted her, that would be rude!  Anyway, she described how Eddie gave the music to everyone and played it all the time.  The entire cast and crew all got into the music, and through it, they all bounded with each other at the very beginning.  Her tale drew a round of applauses.  It's so nice to hear these people who are making the show have such fantastic relationship with each other.

Lucy put in how nice it was for Eddie and Mary to look after everyone on the set.  They are sort of like the leaders who set examples and protect everyone.  Ron chimed in that Eddie in fact commands CIC.  Even when he walked on the set there, he had to listen to Eddie's directions!  The same goes to Colonial One--that's Mary's domain.  I think it was David who added they were very fortunate to have a great ensemble here.  He said they are lucky that no actor has refused to come out of his/her trailer yet that would cause problem for the production!  Ron commented that when Eddie and Mary, two world renowned actor and actress demonstrated they value what they are doing, put their passion into it, the other actors all followed suit.

Lucy then asked the actors what drew them to the project.  Mary answered:  "Writing!"  The audience cheered.  Eddie then mentioned the three paged "prologue", or what's commonly known as "the bible," was what caught his attention.  Ron jokingly said it (the bible) was "an act of desperation."  He said it was David who made him write it.  It was David's idea that they needed a synopsis of what they were going to do to get people pass the first page that says "Battlestar Galactica."  Hubby was very impressed at David upon hearing that.

To be continued...

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