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BSG All Access Event, Part IV

Following Ron's mention at how hard it was for people to get pass the name "Battlestar Galactica,"  Lucy teased Eddie when his friends found out he was gonna do the show, did they call him "sucker?!"  Eddie joked that the reaction he got was worse than what he had expected--after all, he had done Miami Vice, for which he received griefs from his friends; but when he told them he's gonna do Battlestar Galactica--"They just got up and left!"  Jokes aside, I think it's very true that the show is hindered by its title.  Even as a viewer, I get smirks from some of my friends when they found out I enjoy watching a show called "Battlestar Galactica."  "Uhm, don't they wear tights on the show?" was a common question my less informed friends would tease.

Eddie grew serious and said the problem was in the beginning most people didn't realize what a special thing BSG was unless they read the script.  He continued to say that all his life, he tried to get behind projects like this and bring them to fruition so that people can appreciate them.   He took the opportunity to introduce director Bob Young, whom Eddie referred to as the "father of independent film."  Mary was surprised Bob was in the house and she asked him to stand up so everyone could see him.  The audience cheered.  Apparently Bob directed the "boxing episode" (Unfinished Business, it appears he also directed another one of my favorite "The Son Also Rise").  Eddie mentioned when he had started working with Bob Young, they had wanted to explore the style set by Blade Runner.  Eddie said the movie was innovative but it failed because of Harrison Ford.  This drew great many laughters.  Jamie with his sense of humor, stood up and pretended Harrison Ford was right there in the house and demanded him to stand up.  The audience laughed with him.  Eddie clarified that it wasn't because Harrison Ford didn't do a good job acting.  It was because he had done too much at that time--Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and another Star Wars.  Viewers were familiar with the macho action heroes he portrayed so well.  But in Blade Runner, his character mostly did lots of thinking.  So his fan base turned against it.  At that time, viewers weren't able to appreciate a character oriented science fiction, and it took years to turn that around.  Eddie said BSG was the kind of science fiction Blade Runner introduced--a character driven drama.  Eddie thanked Ron and David for creating and staying true to it.  He promised that when it ends, the audience won't see another one like it for years to come!

After Eddie's talk, Lucy announced they would start Q & A with the audience.  They setup four microphones on two aisles.  Anyone who wanted to ask question had to walk up to a microphone.  My goodness, this is quite intimidating!  I have many questions, but to get up in front of a theater full of people?!  I'm quite scared.

There were some brave souls in the audience. They quickly formed 4 lines--two in the front at each aisle, and two in the back.  Lucy would alternatingly call the front person of each line.

The first question asked if there were anything the actors would like to see happening in the 4th season.  There were some chucklings going on.  I think Katee quietly and jokingly said:  "Laura Roslin, I love you!"  Mary also joked she'd like to see Laura Roslin start drinking.  Katee said maybe their characters would hang out in a bar together.  Mary asked Jamie what would he like to see.  Jamie said:  "You know, in a way, I really don't care."  He explained that they've already had so much experience with playing the characters.  These characters are so rich, and there are so many backstories, that anything writers decide to let happen would be interesting.  He jokingly said if the characters did nothing but sit around drinking tea all the time, it would be interesting to see how they would be able to cope with the fact they were not doing anything but drinking teas!  (Good answer, I think he is right in that the characters are so well established and fleshed out that no matter what they do, viewers would be interested in finding out the motivations behind the actions.)  Mary exclaimed "Wait, wait, wait...  Drinking teas?  That's my part!"  Jamie laughed and went on to further explain his feelings.  He said to him, it feels like they've reached the World Cup finals.  Once in the finals, it's the last 90 minutes, and he really doesn't care if the outcome is win, loose, or draw--he just wants to relish every moment knowing he has reached the finals.  He believed whatever the writers do, it'd be great, and he'd just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Personally, I'm very happy to hear Jamie's position.  I think it means he's satisfied with how his character had turned out, the journey it went through.  As a viewer, I think Jamie has done a tremendous job and I've enjoyed watching his character grow.  Lee has kept me riveted on BSG.  It would be so sad for me to say goodbye to his character and the story when the show ends next year.

A fan asked Ron the question how All Along the Watchtower got to be a part of the show.  Ron said the song was his favorite, and he had wanted to use it back in season one where Helo and Sharon walked into the bar on Caprica, this song was supposed to be playing in the background.  Ron said he wanted to draw a connection between our world with "their" world.  I've heard him saying this before in his interviews.  I never could quite tell if he meant such connection existed in the literal sense.  Lucy asked Ron why did he pulled back from doing it.  David answered they didn't do it because they didn't have good enough ideas at the time.  Jamie chimed in and reminded Ron didn't he want to include the song in the season 1 finale?  Ron said he might, he didn't quite remember.  But when they were writing for the season 3 finale, they were trying to come up with an idea how the last four cylons were "triggered."  Someone came up with using music as the "switch."  That's when Ron jumped on the idea and decided the music would be Bob Dylan's song All Along the Watchtower .

A guy asked Ron to clarify the time line between some episodes.  In particular, he wanted to know how Jamie went from being fat to lean and well toned again almost instantly.  The audience laughed.  And Jamie bent over and stuck his finger to his mouth to make the puking gesture.  It was very funny.  "It's the purging," Jamie answered.  "The purging, and running, and Black Bean and Lettuce."  ::hehe::  Then he sobered a little and said it was just one of those TV things--is Jamie going to be fat for another week?

In the next question, a fan congratulated Eddie on the award he received the night before.  The audience cheered.  But it was apparent some of the people on stage didn't quite know about it.  Eddie explained what it was in a quiet voice and tried to play it down.  Jamie reached his hand over Mary and did a low-five with Eddie.  He joked if any of them beside Eddie were nominated.  Eddie replied there weren't any Latinos among them.  "But I'm your son!" Jamie exclaimed.

As the Q&A went on, I was sitting there trying to gather my courage to line up at the microphone.  Hubby nudged me to go ask questions.  "Oh what the heck,"  I thought.  Since we were sitting way back, I can walk to the microphone located toward the back.  So before I could think further, I stood up and walked over to line up.  I had to walk down several steps.  I was so nervous that I almost tripped (yes, I'm in my heels).  I stood in line and my nerve was frying.  I had a hard time focusing on the questions and the answers.  So I missed quite a few of what was said.  Though I did remember a girl had to come up with a question quickly since her question was already asked.  She ended up asking Katee who had done her hair.  Katee blushed and said "Tonight?  I'd have to ask my publicist."

Not long after I walked up to line up at the microphone.  A crew came by and informed us that the guests on stage were having a hard time seeing the person who's asking question in the back.  So they were going to shut down the microphones on the back, and we had to all move to the front ones instead.  Oh, as if it wasn't intimidating enough!  But I had no way out by then, so I moved with the other people to the front.  Once I got there, I discovered a boon--I'm so much closer to the stage that I can see Jamie much more clearly now!  The only thing was it didn't do much to help me stay focused on the Q&A.  If anything, I became more distracted from wanting to stare at Jaime all the time.

Again, I didn't remember much beside how gorgeous Jamie was.  But I do recall that a guy in front of my line had wanted to know if Lucy was coming back in season 4.  I think Lucy scared the poor guy a little by demanding to know his name in the most serious and harsh tone.  "What's your name?  What's your name?" she demanded.  She pointed her hand toward her head:  "You see this?  I'm in my no-nonsense hair style.  So what's your name?"  Finally, Lucy relaxed her scowl and her tone.  She joked with the guy that he might upset a "most delicate" negotiation.  Lucy's joke had effectively let her dodge the question.  But I think the blurb of her returning must be true.  ::sigh::

To be continued...

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