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FanFic: Some Way Out of Here (1/1) BSG

TITLE: Some Way Out of Here (1/1)
CHARACTERS: Lee, Bill, and others.
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Crossroads.
DISCLAIMER: Battlestar Galactica and all the characters therein belong to Ron Moore and his team of writers. I make no profit from this, I just like to play with them, and Ron said I can...
SPOILERS: Up to the end of Season 3, everything else is AU.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I got really bored waiting for S4 to start so I decided to play with the characters myself.  This is my first venture into fanfic writing ever, so it naturally sucks!  Although I listed this one as being completed, it really is the first chapter of an on-going story.  The next chapter will be under a different title.  Last but not the least, tremendous thanks to the wonderful laurie31   for her beta work!

"I'm calling you a liar and a coward!"  His father's words still rang in his ears, stung him like a swarm of vicious bees.

Lee had always known he was not quite like his father.  Yet he thought they had since forged a relationship that gone past their differences.  At one time, he even supposed his father respected him.  Why else would Bill confide in him the secret of Bill's less illustrious past?  But Lee now realized such relationship was only an illusion.  Like a fragile mirror, it shattered easily at the onslaught of those vehement words.  The invisible shards cut Lee, left him bleeding and raw inside.

Sitting alone behind bars of a brig cell, Lee hunched over and rested his arms on his bended knees.  He stared at his clutched hands.  At least this time, they are not bound by the handcuffs.  They look pale and pristine.  His memory slips back to the last time he sat inside a cell.  The same hands were restrained and covered with real blood then--his father's blood.  That seemed like a lifetime ago.  Lee couldn't help but see the irony that after everything they went through, he and his father still landed on the opposite sides of a chasm.

Lee caught a glimpse of his wedding ring flashing faintly in the fluorescent light.  His thoughts shifted to Dee.  Turns out his father wasn't the only one close to him but didn't understand him.  Lee rued that his wife only saw the part of him that is similar to his father.  Thanks to her, Lee no longer denied such a part existed.  Yet he also knew there's more to him than being Bill Adama's heir.  He sensed therein him lies another part that is the antithesis of the man who fathered him.  Lee regretted he was never quite the husband Dee wanted.

"Captain Apollo..."  The ghostly echo of the soft voice invades Lee's memory.  He involuntarily glances over his shoulder, half expecting to see President Roslin standing in the cell next to his like the last time.  The place is deserted now except for him and the guard.

Whereas Roslin is concerned, Lee can feel anger and regret rising simultaneously inside him.  Since the beginning of their association, Lee had felt a kindred spirit in the President.  Both of them had found themselves stranded in an unfamiliar environment and were thrust into positions they didn't ask for.  In the early days fleeing from the Cylons, they had shown each other invaluable support and understanding.  As time wore on, they both learned to stand on their own feet.  Each persevered in their given responsibilities, all the while plodding through difficult circumstances.  If anybody could understand what he had to do, Lee thought it would be Roslin.  It disappointed him that she had allowed her personal feelings for Baltar to dictate her judgment.  As intelligent as she was, Roslin ignored that justice is supposed to be blind.  Even a scumbag such as Baltar deserves the same rights as everybody else.

But, Lee had to admit he admired the President's guts.  He tried to spare her from disclosing her medical condition to the fleet.  That's why he insisted on being the one to cross-examine her in the court room.  His father was right on one thing:  he shouldn't hide behind and let Romo Lampkin do the attack.  Lee saw how ruthless Romo can be.  If Roslin had to be discredited as a witness, Lee thought the blow would be gentler coming from him--he would exercise restraint and allow her some degrees of privacy.

He was surprised Roslin herself insisted on bringing up the reason of her taking the hallucinogenic drug again on the stand.  Lee still remembered vividly that years ago, a vulnerable Roslin confessing to him in secret she had cancer, asking him to keep the knowledge to himself.  How had she changed since then.  Despite being an inexperienced lawyer, Lee had read enough of his grandfather's law books to know once his point was made in court, he should be done with questioning the witness.  But Lee couldn't deny Roslin the opportunity when he caught on her desire in making her condition known to the public.  It didn't change anything in establishing her as an unreliable witness.  However, even though Lee had suspected as much, hearing Roslin admitting on the witness stand her cancer has returned had made him feel hollow inside.  Lee didn't want Roslin to think his attack was directed at her personally.  On the contrary, it was anything but personal.  He hoped Roslin could understand that.  Yet, judging by the parting look she gave him after the trial, Lee concluded it would be sometime, if ever, for the President to see the motives behind his actions.

Sighing inwardly, Lee ran his fingers through his cropped hair.  He surely burned his bridges with all those he cared about.  He couldn't help it.  Romo had called him an honorable man.  Lee didn't know if he deserved the sentiment.  What he did know is that he cannot skirt around his principles.  Doing the right thing is his modus operandi even if it means he has to pay dearly for it.

And dearly he paid.  Baltar thought Lee could simply go back to his old life once the trial was over.  But there was no going back for Lee.  The fact he's sitting alone in the brig cell is the unequivocal proof of that.

When the Cylon basestars showed up right after the trial, Lee couldn't ignore his sense of duty.  He didn't hesitate to jump into his Viper even though he had resigned some time ago.  And that's precisely what landed him in his current predicament.  Even though some people may discount his resignation as an antic from an impertinent son, his superior officers certainly took it seriously.  The military operates on rigid rules, and the rule says Lee Adama is no longer a military personnel at the moment.  His father had made sure of that.

Lee didn't regret his decisions--he never did over the choices he made in his professional field.  As long as he was not dealing with the romantic aspect of his personal life, Lee had always been able to maintain objectivity even when others, his father included, were affected by overwrought emotions.  So when Lee turned in his wings, it wasn't an impulsive decision.  It was a matter of principle.  He meant every word when he told his father he cannot serve under a superior officer who questions his integrity.

However, with or without a uniform, Lee knew he was an ace pilot.  When the fleet was threatened by the enemies and pilots were needed in short order, Lee couldn't let his skill lay to waste.  To be perfectly honest with himself, Lee had to acknowledge it felt good to be back in the cockpit again.  He had felt the familiar adrenaline rushing through him like the return of an old friend the moment his Viper was launched.

Speaking of old friend, Lee's mind inevitably drifted toward what he's been trying to avoid thinking ever since he landed back on Galactica.

* * *

"I need a drink."  Tigh grumbles under his breath.

Not too long ago, he had locked up Apollo in the brig.  The Admiral had sent him and a couple of Marines down to the hanger deck to detain the young man.  The boy had some nerve.  Tigh reluctantly acceded that Lee had scored back some points with him by flying into the battle after his despicable turn at defending that worthless Baltar.  Why couldn't Lee just do the things expected of him?  Tigh couldn't fathom why everybody thought Apollo was a straight-laced officer.  The guy can disobey his superiors as well as Starbuck could.  The difference was Apollo's high jinks were rarer in comparison, but they were certainly done on a grander scale--after all, Starbuck never intentionally pointed a gun at her XO like Apollo did in front of a room full of marines.

"Starbuck..."  The thought of the loud-mouthed rebellious pilot brought a sharp pang for Tigh.  How he wished the Galactica's Top Gun was still alive.  Even though Tigh and Starbuck butted heads constantly before her untimely death, Tigh had relied on her skill as an ace pilot ever since the destruction of their home world.  Together, Apollo and Starbuck were a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.  Tigh could never understand why she chose to go the way she did.  It all made so little sense to him.

Thinking of the bedeviled pilot brought to mind the battle they just waged.

"If only Starbuck was here..." Tigh thought wistfully.

* * *

Less than an hour ago...

The initial shock of Apollo back in the cockpit rippled through the command center, only to be replaced soon with concerns when Apollo's voice crackled through the wireless that he was going to check out a bogey he detected.  However, both Dee and Gaeta reported back there was nothing registered on their sensors.  Although outwardly the Admiral didn't let his demeanor slip, Tigh caught the apprehension concealed behind his old friend's eyes.  This was too reminiscent of the recent episode with Starbuck.  It was only several weeks ago she went after a mysterious ship that nobody else could see.  She never made it back from chasing her phantom.

Anyhow, the Admiral had no time to worry about Apollo.  A legion of Cylon Raiders had engaged the Vipers.  The enemies were overwhelming.  Dee and Gaeta scrambled to distribute the emergency jump coordinates to the rest of the fleet.  The civilian ships started to spool up their FTL drives so they could jump away to safety.  But the whole process could not happen fast enough.  Tigh felt a bit of unease to have the President and her staff member standing in the middle of CIC during the crisis.  Thank gods she's under the protection of the mighty warship.  But her presence here also meant Galactica would have to seek out safety and jump away immediately if the situation got too hot to handle.

Helo had ordered the Viper squadrons to establish a perimeter in front of the fleet.  But it was faltering because they were losing Vipers too fast.  Already there were a couple of missiles slipped through the defense and hit Galactica head on.  The ship shuddered under the violent explosions.  Everyone in CIC stumbled and held tight onto the ship's fixtures for balance.

The Admiral gave the order for Galactica to move steadily forward and target its salvo fire on the nearest Basestar within range.  Meanwhile, the sound of gun fire mixed with shouts and screams from the Viper pilots could be heard through the open channel.

Scanning the DRADIS display above the center console, Tigh took in the picture of their situation:  the civilian ships were still in the middle of successively jumping away, while Galactica and its Vipers were embroiled heavily in the fight with the Cylons.  But there was one lone blip on the DRADIS flickering in and out around the peripheral of the battlefront.

"Where the hell is Apollo?!"  Tigh barked.

Looking at the XO, Helo opened the wireless channel to the wayward Viper:  "Apollo?  Galactica CAG.  Sitrep!"

...Nothing except the static.

Helo repeated:  "Apollo? ... Apollo!"

More static...

Then a voice crackled through the wireless.  It sounded a bit unsteady:  "Galactica?  Apollo.  Uhm,  there's too much interference here.  I think I lost..."

Apollo was interrupted by Hotdog's cry broadcasting through the open channel:  "Need a little help here!"  The DRADIS image showed his Viper was desperately trying to evade the hound from a Raider on its tail.  At the same time another Raider was  fast approaching him from ahead.  But the other Vipers in the vicinity weren't faring much better either.

"Roger.  Wilco."  Apollo responded.

Next, Tigh saw the maverick signal on the DRADIS headed straight toward the combat zone.

The speed in which Apollo got to Hotdog was amazing.  And his aim was dead on.  The two signals representing the Raiders near Hotdog's Viper disappeared from the DRADIS screen.

"Thanks, Apollo,"  came Hotdog's winded but relieved voice.

Already, Apollo had swiftly moved on to the next target.  With him in the fight, the Vipers were able to hold their positions, giving the fleet its much needed protection.

Only a handful of civilian ships still remained.  The Admiral ordered Galactica engineers to start the prep for the FTL drive.  Suddenly, Dee reported she received a communication from Prometheus that it was having trouble firing up its FTL drive.  Dee relayed to the Admiral that the ship's Captain was requesting for more time to fix their problem.

"We can't hold much longer."  Tigh snapped back.

"We can't just leave them here."  Roslin spoke for the first time since the fight began.

"We may have no choice, Madam President."  The Admiral threw Roslin a hard look.

Roslin stared back at Bill, but remained quiet otherwise.

The enemies were gaining dominance.  The pounding Galactica was receiving was intensified.  Soon Prometheus was the only civilian ship that remained.  The Admiral ordered another Sitrep from the Communications Officer.  Efficiently, Dee made a  quick exchange with Prometheus through her headphone.  Then with one hand still pressed into her ear-piece, Dee looked at the Admiral and shook her head gravely.

That's all the information Bill needed.  He made a quick decision.

"Fire up the FTL drive, and bring our birds home."  The Admiral gave out the order.

Hands on her waist, Roslin drew a sharp intake of breath, and turned her back to Bill.

With a troubled look, Helo instructed all Vipers to perform Combat Landing.

"Roger that."  Apollo's voice came through.  "What about Prometheus?"

"Their FTL drive is down.  They are no go."  Helo informed Apollo.

"We can still buy them some time."  Apollo insisted.

Looking at the Admiral, who rapidly appearing agitated, Helo replied:  "Negative.  We have to leave, now."

"Frak that!"  Apollo argued.  "There are more than a thousand people on board that ship!"

Grabbing the speaker out of Helo's hand, the Admiral thundered:  "Apollo!  That's an order!"

Reports were pouring in CIC that half of the Vipers had already landed, and others were on their way--all except Apollo who was still engaging the approaching Raiders near Prometheus.  Remarkably, he was able to hold off the Cylons from getting close to the civilian ship.  Galactica's sensors reported more Raiders were blown to smithereens by Apollo as they advanced toward the civilian ship.

Tigh had a strange sense of déjà vu.  This scene was oddly reminiscent of what hot-headed Starbuck used to pull.  On the other hand, it was rather disconcerting to see Apollo in her shoes and threw his usual caution to the wind.  Tigh realized with a start how much they had taken Apollo's level-headedness for granted before.

Dee's voice broke through the tense situation:  "Prometheus just reported they had located the malfunction.  It should be fixed momentarily."

However, before anybody was able to breathe a sigh of relief, Gaeta shouted "Radiological alarm!  Sensor picked up a nuke's just been launched at the Prometheus."

Everyone watched helplessly at the DRADIS screen where it showed Prometheus was too far away for Galactica to intercept the missile in time.  The civilian ship basically amounted to a sitting duck.

What happened next caught Tigh's breath.  Apollo swooped his Viper in front of the civilian ship barely before the missile was about to strike its target, and used his bird as a decoy to drew away the deadly missile.

Eyes trained on the DRADIS screen, Bill muttered under his breath:  "Damn you, Lee!"

After intercepting the missile, Apollo made a sharp turn with his bird and headed full speed toward an incoming Raider.  The nuke was still at his tail, gaining speed on him at an alarming rate.  In a blink of an eye, the three flying objects looked almost on top of each other from the DRADIS imagery.

"Lee!"  Bill flinched and let out a sharp cry.

The next couple of seconds were passed in an eerie silence.  The image the DRADIS presented was confusing:  the spot where the signals of Apollo's Viper, the Raider, and the nuclear missile heaped together a moment ago had only one signal left.  It was the one for Apollo's ship.  Understanding dawned on Tigh:  Apollo must've pulled his bird up at the last second so that the missile behind him slammed right into the Raider in front of him!  Letting out a long held breath, Tigh winced at the G-force Apollo had to pull to get his bird react the way it did at such high speed.

"Show off!"  Tigh grouched, only to receive a glare from the Admiral.

Gaeta's voice was heard next:  "Prometheus has jumped away."

"Let's get out of here."  Roslin sounded quietly in the background.

Tigh didn't need to be told twice.  He ordered Galactica crew to start retracting its landing pods.

Helo spoke forcefully to Apollo:  "Combat landing, now!"

Bill's gaze steadfastly fixed on the DRADIS screen.  He knew the exact moment Apollo approached Galactica, so he ordered his crew to initiate the jump count down.  When report of all Vipers on board reached them, they all felt the strange sensation of a FTL jump.  It was not a moment too soon, for Galactica's sensor showed several missiles were hurtling directly toward her.

Once the disorienting sensation receded, Gaeta quickly bent over and consulted his sensor.  He then drew himself up.  Hands behind his back, Gaeta reported:  "All ships accounted for.  No enemy detected within range.  We are clear."

A collective sigh of relief can be felt through out CIC.  Roslin allowed a tenuous smile.  But the Admiral continued to scowl.

"That was close."  Helo murmured.

Looking pointedly at Tigh, the Admiral ordered him to take Apollo to the brig.

"You do realize he just saved our collective asses, don't you?"  Roslin said cautiously.

Bill glared at her.  Icily he retorted:  "And almost got us all killed!"

* * *

"Kids," mentally shaking his head and withdrawing from his reverie, Tigh mused he had gotten lucky that he and Ellen never had any children of their own.  But the thought of Ellen brought another twist to his heart.  This time it's so sharp that he physically feels the stabbing pain.

"My Gods, Ellen..."  Regret consumed Tigh.  What a colossal irony that it turned out he's a Cylon himself after all.  He didn't understand any of this.  He doesn't feel any differently from the man he was before.  Yet he's sure of his identity as he's sure that his heart's still beating.

What does this mean for the fleet's security?  With a start, Tigh contemplated on the ramifications of the recent revelation.

And what about his friendship with Bill Adama?  Was that all a ruse?  No, Tigh knew his camaraderie with Bill is battle tested.  He trusted his friend explicitly, and knew his friend returned the same favor.  Determined he would not betray that trust, Tigh turned around to seek out his old friend.

Chapter  2:  Too Much Confusion

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