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My Reflections on What Jamie Said in I-Con

Thanks to dianora2's wonderfully detailed and well put together report (click the link to see the actual report), I got some interesting tidbits on Jamie and the making of Battlestar Galactica.

  • I've learned so many new words since I became fan of Jamie!  First, it was tactile and synesthesia, and now, it's vertiginous.  Hee, Jamie is really good for a non-native English speaker's vocabulary. :p
  • I can see in season 4, they introduce the story arc that monotheist religion was brewing among the polytheist world all the way back before the destruction of their world.
  • I think Cavil was the coolest evil cylon!
  • Umm, I think it has to be more than just the laziness and overconfidence for humans to build intelligent machines.  I would think there are also curiosity and thirst for knowledge--the desire to push themselves to see what they can do, in this case, to create artificial intelligence.
  • Wonder if Apollo also sees Helo as "lily-livered" (was Jamie in-character when he made that comment?)  I think Jamie once said that Apollo doesn't fully trust Athena.  The question is does he trust Helo?  I'm inclined to think he doesn't.
  • Interesting Jamie doesn't think Apollo saw the Heavy Raider in Maelstrom.
  • I love his remark of getting on a pair of skis to jump over a shark if they show the fleet ON Earth!  I hope that the end of the series show only the fleet reaching Earth, but doesn't really show the world on Earth--leave the audience to imagine how Earth is.  To me, BSG works so well because it's a similar yet alternative universe, and the AU is converging towards the real one.  I think the story should end at when two universes just reach the interception point.  I don't quite get his flying motorcycle comment--what is he talking about?
  • He made a good observation that once Six and Sharon started interacting with humans, they began to evolve in a way the other Cylons hadn't.
  • I think for him to state in public that he thinks season 4 might be the last season, he must've gotten strong hints from his producers.  I would've liked as many seasons as I can get, but I've always known that it has an end point.  As long as the end point is reached on the producers' terms instead of the studio's, I'm quite okay with next season being the last.  The problem for me is not how many seasons BSG is going to get, it's the unusually long hiatus in between the seasons--I'm very worried it's going to kill many fans' interest in this show--people will get tired of waiting and move on to something else.  I think that's a big reason why season 3's numbers are down.
  • I'm really glad that Jamie liked Take a Break from All Your Worries--it's one of my favorite episode of season 3 too!  I'm really excited that Jamie is taking concrete steps in writing for the show.  I've found I always liked and agreed with his takes on the show, and the directions for the characters.  Well, best of luck to Jamie Griffith! ;)
  • Hee, Jamie said he's an academic sort, and he tends to analyze things! *adores him more*  WOW, he chose to major in French and Italian Literature because it presents more challenge for him than English Lit!  I'm thinking he really is an overachiever.
  • It's cute that his kids are best friends with James Callis' kids, and the two families are really close.  I hope to see more scenes between Lee and Baltar in the future.  The two of them are awesome together.
  • It's interesting to know that Lee actually cried a little in a couple of takes of the "You have no idea" scene.  At first, I thought I would've loved to see they used those takes.  But when I think deeper, I'm glad that they didn't--the pent-up Lee is much more tragic and in-character.
  • In the scene where Lee took off his pin, I thought Bill's reaction was really powerful--although his face was schooled, and there weren't big body movements, that loud clink made by the pin hitting the bottom of Adama's desk drawer suggested Bill literally threw the pin!  It's really interesting to hear Jamie say that he was trying to catch EJO's eyes.  I remember when I watched the scene, I was thinking Lee was dueling with his Dad, challenging Bill with his intent eyes.  And yes,  their eyes never did make connection!
  • It made my fangirl's heart happy to hear that all the extras in the room spontaneously burst into applause after Jamie delivered Lee's speech!  Interestingly Jamie compared that experience to being back on stage.
  • Jamie thinks the final five cylons don't have copies like the others do?  So these ones can't get downloaded like the others?  Drat!  That punches a big hole in my theory that Kara is the fifth cylon--that her conscious was downloaded to a new body after her ship imploded.
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