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Mentions of Jamie in the News

Hmmmm, I've seen several mentions of Jamie in the news lately.

First of all, there was a nice interview with Jamie's little sister Anastasia Griffith at Media Blvd titled Anastasia Griffith's Complex Character Is A Hit On FX's 'Damages'She said a couple of interesting things about her brother.  Here are the excerpts:

Growing up as the youngest child and only girl, were your brothers overly protective?

Anastasia>    Surprisingly, not so, actually.  For people who don’t know, I’ve got six older brothers and I am the only girl and the youngest.  I think secretly they were a lot more protective than they ever let on to me.  You know, people have told me since, being an adult, that my brothers are fiercely protective of me, but they’ve never kind of let me know that, which I think is probably a good thing.

In one of the interviews with your brother Jamie a few years ago he mentioned that your father was kind of very reluctant for him to go into acting.  I was wondering if you met that same kind of issue with your dad?

Anastasia>  Dad has always been a businessman himself and he’s always just been a little bit cynical about the world of acting. Jamie is an incredibly bright guy and he had so many opportunities when he was younger and acting kind of grabbed his attention, as it did mine. I think Dad is old school and he kind of thinks it’s more fitting for a daughter to go into acting than it is a for a son, but having said that, he’s done everything he can to encourage me to do other things... [snipped]

Is there any chance that your brother Jamie (Bamber) will make a guest appearance on the show?

Anastasia>  Oh, I would love it if he would, I would love it.  It’s not really up to me, but if a suitable role came up I would certainly be the first person to suggest that he comes on.  It would be fantastic to work with him.  I also know that Jamie is keen to kind of get into doing some movies and things like that now after doing five years on a TV show.  Maybe another TV show is not really what he’s going for, but I’m sure he would love to do a guest appearance on Damages because he’s a big fan of it and it’s always been our dream to work together so maybe I should speak to casting and get him involved.  No, we’re for family getting together to work together so maybe they will support it.
Woohoo!  Love the tidbit Anastasia said about her brother!  Crossing my fingers that things will all work out for him (and her too!)

Secondly, there is an article titled Undercover In the US at eCentral.  The parts that mentioned Jamie are as following:

But did you know that the very all-American-looking – and sounding – Jamie Bamber in TV’s current sci-fi hit, Battlestar Galactica, is also British? I mean, even his name sounds American!

Jamie Bamber, 
Battlestar Galactica 

INTERVIEWERS and viewers of entertainment news shows are often shocked when Bamber, 34, speaks with his natural accent. The actor sports such a convincing Yankie twang as beleaguered pilot Lee Adama in Battlestar Galactica that many do not suspect that he is actually a London-born lad. His mastery of the accent is almost flawless, which is perhaps due to the fact that his father is American (his mother is from Northern Ireland).

Bamber was educated at Cambridge University where he studied Modern Languages and later attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. – Battlestar Galactica aired on 8TV and Cinemax (Astro channel 41) earlier in the year.

Uhm, nothing new there, but it's always good to see Jamie gets exposures.  Although I have to disagree with Jamie being all-American-looking though.  When he drops his American accent, I think Jamie is very European-looking.

Finally, there's this mention in Tom Welling in 'Justice League' Movie? at Cinematical.  There's this blurb toward the bottom:

...Of course, CHUD is obviously making fun of IESB and wonder if they could get a lot of hits by just making up casting rumors, such as Jamie Bamber as Superman and Gerard Butler as Aquaman.

What?! Wait... What rumor?!     If only...
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