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FanFic: Too Much Confusion (1/1) BSG

TITLE: Too Much Confusion (1/1)
CHARACTERS: Lee, Bill, and others.
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Crossroads.
DISCLAIMER: Battlestar Galactica and all the characters therein belong to Ron Moore and his team of writers. I make no profit from this, I just like to play with them, and Ron says I can...
SPOILERS: Up to the end of Season 3, everything else is AU.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I got really bored waiting for S4 to start so I decided to play with the characters myself.  This is the continuation of my previous story Some Way Out of Here.  Although I listed this one as being completed, it really is the second part of an on-going story.  Last but not the least, tremendous thanks to the wonderful laurie31 for her beta work!  Now, I got to focus my attention on finishing the next chapter.  If only I can get a big chunk of uninterrupted time...

Chapter 1: Some Way Out of Here

* * *
"Kara?"  Lee couldn't believe his eyes.

There she was, flying her Viper next to his like the old times.  Only it should not be possible.

Weeks ago, Lee saw with his own eyes how her ship imploded into pieces.  He sat there and witnessed helplessly as Kara and her Viper burst into an astonishing array of fireworks, too beautiful to look at, too cruel to comprehend.

The logic in Lee's mind told him in no way Kara could've survived that.  His cursed rationality reasoned that even if Kara had the chance to eject from her bird, her proximity to the depth of the maelstrom guaranteed the pressure from the hard deck would've crushed her.

* * *
Lee sat on the floor of the brig cell with his back pressed against the wall and knees drawn up to his chest.  His arms were still propped against his knees.  Outwardly, his posture hadn't changed much since he was locked up in here, but Lee's mind was now in turmoil over the thoughts of his best friend.

He didn't know what to make of what happened out there in the nebula.  Did he really see Kara?  Did he want to believe his own eyes?  Could he trust his own ears?  Lee threw his head back against the wall and took a steadying breath.  Bewildered, he relived his memories...
* * *
"... Lee...  It's me.  I've been to Earth.  I know where it is.  I can take us there."  Kara spoke confidently.

Lee's heart thumped wildly at the possibility.  Yet his sober mind cautioned this was not probable.  Somewhere at the edge of his conscious, Lee was vaguely aware someone was hailing Apollo.

Lee didn't want to take his eyes off her.  But his instinct urged him to steal a glance at the instruments on his Viper.  He was only half surprised to see the sensors registered no other ships around him.  He looked back toward Kara.  But just as suddenly as she appeared, Kara vanished from his line of sight.

"No!  Don't go..."  Lee twisted his body as far as he could and searched around.  All he saw were clouds of interstellar gas and dust.

"Apollo!"  Someone was hailing him...  But wait, was that Kara?  Once again, he stared at his instruments.  His sensors flickered.  The nebula must've been emitting strange interferences.  He could've swore he just felt a ship swooping by him closely.  Still his DRADIS didn't pick up anything around him.

"Apollo!"  Helo's voice penetrated his awareness.  Lee realized with a start that he needed to give a Situation Report to Galactica
's CAG.  He turned on the communications channel and was in the middle of his report when he heard Hotdog's yell.  Lee checked his instruments one more time.  Right away, he was abashed to discover a bloody battle was raging next to him while his attention was elsewhere.

"Race you there!"  Lee thought he heard Kara's singsong voice as he slammed on the throttle of his Viper.

Lee felt the recklessness he normally held back rearing inside him, breaking loose of his control. 
He flew his bird spontaneously, as if his mind was suppressed by his instincts.  Maybe it was because he wasn't the CAG at the moment, Lee didn't concern himself with anything other than destroying the enemies that came into contact.

Finally, Lee heard Galactica
was recalling all pilots.  He looked around as his Viper flew by Prometheus.  He saw countless faces anxiously peering out the civilian ship's windows, hauntingly reminding him a familiar scene that lurked in his nightmares--the faces from the Olympic Carrier staring at him.

"What about
?"  He had to ask.  He was dismayed to learn Galactica was prepared to abandon the crippled ship and its passengers to the Cylons.  Not again, not on his watch.  He would stay and protect Prometheus or die trying.

..."Lee, incoming!"  Lee heard her voice cautioning him merely seconds before he banked his Viper to the right, narrowly dodging a missile hurtled past his ship.  Lee didn't even have a second to take a reprieve, the radiological alarm went off in his ship.  Horrified, he saw a nuclear missile was launched at
.  Without thinking, Lee reacted...

...The muscles on his arms strained to the max at the impossible weight he was pulling.  His Viper responded obligingly to his control and turned sharply upward at a breakneck speed.  Lee saw with great satisfaction that the nuke he diverted found its target at the Raider that was in front of him a moment ago.

"Well done!  I couldn't have done it better myself."  Lee heard the laughter tinged voice of his best friend echoed in his head.  Again he searched the space around him.  All he saw were swarm of Raiders zooming in all directions. 
He could not find another Viper in sight.  Even Prometheus was gone.

"Combat landing,
now!"  Lee heard Helo's urgent command.  Reluctantly, he pulled his Viper around and headed toward Galactica...

* * *
After the sensation from an FTL Jump dissipated, Lee climbed off his Viper.  As he stepped away from the ladder, he saw Chief Tyrol approaching him.

"Not you too!  How did you fly and land this thing?!"  Chief looked at him strangely and barked.

Puzzled, Lee turned back to look at his ship, and took notice for the first time the mangled state of his Viper.  Shaking his head, Lee was about to utter a retort before he was interrupted by the arrival of Colonel Tigh and two Marines.

Tigh and the Marines planted themselves right in front of Lee.  The XO exchanged a brief glance with Tyrol, and ordered the Marines to take Lee into custody:  Apollo was to be held in the brig overnight for "Unauthorized Use of a Military Asset".

* * *

Lee was not a fool.  He knew right away the order had come from his father.  Lee had thought he already hit the rock bottom in dealing with his father before, but this proved to be a new low.  In truth, Lee didn't really care about spending a little time in the brig.  But the fact his father penalized him for jumping into a Viper indicated Bill meant every word on what he said when he threw Lee's wings away--Bill Adama would not have a soldier lacking integrity serve under him!

* * *

Inside his private quarters, Bill held the picture of young Lee in his hand.  He stared at the smiling face of the handsome boy.  Bill rued that even at such tender age, Lee's smile was tinged with a trace of shadow.  He was far too pensive for a boy this young.  Sighing out loud, Bill lamented that he always had trouble dealing with Lee.

Even from the beginning, Lee was a difficult child.  He and Carol Anne were so happy to learn they were going to have a baby even though it meant they had to get married in a hurry.  As if sensed his parents' eagerness, Lee was rushing to get here.  He was born early, at the borderline of being a preemie.  As a result, he was a tiny little thing.  But boy, was he beautiful!  At once, Bill and Carol Anne were mesmerized by those large innocent eyes and those angelic features.

It wasn't until they went home from the hospital, the honeymoon was over.  Lee fussed all the time.  He would wake up constantly, and it was so hard to put him back to sleep.  A lot of times it seemed to Bill that the baby cried for no reason, and he was frustrated by that.  He felt so helpless at not knowing what to do.  So Bill found himself longing for a chance to get away from home and the crying baby.  That certainly didn't sit well with Carol Anne.  To be fair, she was exhausted from taking care of the baby all the time.  But her temper was getting shorter, and Bill started to have a hard time coping with her.

Before long Bill buried himself in his work.  And if that was not enough, he sought after Saul's company when he was off duty.  Together they would frequently hunt the local bars.  Bill's absence from home would drive Carol Anne into fits of hysteria.  So the vicious cycle continued...

Despite the difficulties they had with the baby, a year had gone by quickly.  For Bill, it was all in a blur.  One day he was surprised to find Lee had become a little toddler without him knowing how it happened.  When had Lee stopped crying incessantly, Bill wondered.  Lee proved to be a smart little boy and a very quick learner.  Things had started to get better between Bill and Carol Anne.  So it wasn't a complete surprise to Bill when he learned he was going to have another child.

Unlike Lee, Zak took his sweet time to get here.  He was a week late, and was born big and chubby.  Compared to Lee, Zak was such a mellow child.  Things were so much easier for Bill and Carol Anne until Bill received order to transfer.  It was the nature of serving in the military--you move around a lot.  But Carol Anne was furious.  With a newly arrived baby and a wee toddler, it was hellish for her to relocate to a new place.  Thus the fights between them resumed with a vengeance.  And Bill stayed away from home as much as he could.

So that was how it turned out--Bill was largely an absentee father while his two sons grew into adolescents.  Zak became a  happy and easy going fella.  His laid back disposition made him not necessarily the best in what he did, but he was compliant and well-behaved.  In other words, Bill's younger son was someone very easy to get along with.

Lee on the other hand was everything his brother was not.  To begin with, he excelled in everything he set out to do.  Bill was so proud of what Lee had accomplished.  Yet he didn't let it show.  He wanted Lee to achieve more because he knew his son was capable of doing so.

Lee's contrast to his brother translated to difficulties Bill had with Lee:  while Zak was carefree, Lee was intense; while Zak was exuberant, Lee held his emotions in check; while Zak was amiable, Lee could become cold and aloof...  In short, Lee's temperament created an intangible distance that made it hard for Bill to get close to him.

Ironically, Lee's self-sufficiency had further isolated him from Bill.  As if atoning for the first year of his life, Lee turned out extremely low-maintenance growing up.  Not only he took good care of himself, but also he accepted the responsibility of looking after his younger brother. Bill knew it was his absence that forced Lee to rely on himself at an early age, and that knowledge put Bill on the defensive where Lee was concerned.  Bill tried to ignore it, but he was inexplicably bothered by Lee's fierce independence as Lee grew older--it made Bill feel he was not needed in his son's life.

The awkwardness that existed in their relationship heightened after Zak's death.  It was a very difficult time in Bill's life.  All of a sudden, it seemed to Bill he had lost both sons at once.  Even though Lee was never as close to him as Zak was, Lee had at least been cordial with him.  But Zak's death estranged Lee from Bill.  The silence between them was so complete that Bill had to find out about Lee making Captain through a colleague.  It wasn't until Colonel Johnston came to congratulate him one day, Bill learned Lee had just made history and become one of the youngest Captains in the fleet.  What should have been a very proud moment had cut Bill to the quick instead.

Bill pinched the bridge of his nose.  He rued the fact it took the end of the world to bring Lee and him close again.  It wasn't easy.  After many missteps, it seemed their relationship finally was undergoing an upswing.  Bill enjoyed having Lee serve with him.  Everything else aside, Lee was an extraordinary officer.  In fact, Bill privately admitted Lee was the best officer he ever worked with.

However, that doesn't mean Bill didn't butt heads with Lee from time to time.  Their reconciliation was often threatened by the differences in their methods:  Bill prided himself on his ability to take quick actions.  In some ways, Bill was a gambler at heart, he wouldn't mind betting on chances to get through a predicament.  This trait had served him well in the past--Bill Adama's "Gutsy Moves" were legendary in the fleet.  Lee however, was just the opposite.  Before deciding on a course of action, Lee never failed to think through the contingencies first.  He always considered the worst-case scenario and seldom relied on lucky breaks.

When Lee first came on board Galactica, Bill had thought Lee's style was a hindrance.  He advised Lee to let loose and allow his instincts to take over.  It wasn't until many crises later, Bill started to rely on Lee's pragmatism.  He saw firsthand how Lee's foresights had saved many lives--his included in fact.  But still, more often than not, Bill would get annoyed whenever Lee pointed out the shortfalls of his strategy, or get frustrated at Lee for lacking brisk actions.

* * *

Exhaling another audible sigh, Bill put Lee's picture back on his desk and stood up to pour himself a drink.  Glass in hand, he took a swig at the amber liquor.  Mentally, Bill experienced again the fleet's latest escape from the Cylons:

In the CIC, He didn't have time to relish the fact Lee was flying combat once more.  When Lee went off to investigate a bogey nobody else saw, Bill was terrified it was going to be Kara all over again.  He was grief-stricken after he lost Kara.  But if it was Lee...  Bill shivered, he couldn't even let his mind go there.

Then Bill was furious when Lee ignored his order and stayed behind to protect Prometheus.  Concerns for his son's safety aside, Bill did not like the feeling that Lee was getting into the habit of bucking his wishes.

Bill had just come to term with what Lee had done during Baltar's trial.  Hours ago, he was still smarting at Lee for picking the wrong side in the court room.  The boy was becoming too much of a serial contrarian like Joseph Adama for his liking.  Lee's intellectual capacity had worried Bill before that his son would follow the elder Adama's footsteps.  Seeing Lee sitting at the defense table had solidified this fear.  But then, he heard his son's testimony.  Lee's eloquence had made Bill realize how myopic his own views were.

Bill knew he owed Lee an apology.  But Lee wasn't exactly an easy person to apologize to.  Bill never could do it before, and many things were left unspoken as a result.

Then Lee had a close call with a nuclear missile.  Bill was horrified when he thought Lee was killed by that missile out there.  Next to the intense grief, Bill also felt the anguish of knowing Lee died thinking his father despised him.

The moment he found out Lee was safe, Bill decided he had to have a talk with his son soon to straighten things out between them.  That was when he formulated the plan to confine Lee to the brig for the night.  Professionally speaking, Lee needed to be punished for disregarding the rules and disobeying a direct order.  More importantly though, Bill secretly strategized that when he visited Lee in the brig, his son would have nowhere else to go but stay put and listen to what he had to say.

Downing the rest of the drink in one gulp, Bill grimaced at the burn that went down his throat and set the empty glass on his desk.  "Here it goes." He straightened his uniform and set off to the brig to talk to Lee.

* * *

Bill barely made to the hatchway before he heard the banging.  Surprised and a little annoyed, he opened his hatch to discover his old friend stood on the other side.

"Saul!"  Bill exclaimed with a start.  He was about to inquire after Lee, but halted after he took a good look at Saul's face.

"May I come in?"  Saul asked in a raspy voice.

"Uhm, of course."  Bill only hesitated for a second.  Lee was not going anywhere right now.  Maybe he could take a few moments to see what his old friend wanted.

Bill stepped back to allow Saul enter his quarter.  Saul schlepped his way to Bill's couch and sat down heavily.  "Maybe you should sit."  Saul looked up at Bill and suggested.

Bill was starting to get alarmed at his friend's apparent melancholic mood.  He walked over to his desk.  The empty glass and the bottle of alcohol were still sitting there.  Bill retrieved another glass and poured two drinks.  He carried the glasses and walked over to his friend.  Handing a drink to Saul, Bill sat next to him on the couch.

"What's bothering you?"  Bill asked.

Turning the glass slowly in his hand, Saul stared hard with his sole eye into the swirling liquid.  Then as if making up his mind for the last time, he gave his head a light shake.

Saul took a large gulp from his drink and blurted out:  "I'm a Cylon!"

"What?!"  This was the last thing Bill expected to come out of his old friend's mouth.

Saul gave a mirthless chortle.  It sounded harshly grating on the ears:  "Ha ha!  Two Cylon wars, New Caprica Resistance, and I killed Ellen with my own hands for colluding with the Cylons..."  Saul could not stop his chuckle, "...now I find out I'm one of those things all along."  Saul laughed so hard tears streamed down from his only remaining eye.

"No! Saul, you are upset.  You don't know what you are saying.  Maybe you should take some time off."  Aghast, Bill tried to placate his distraught friend:  "As of now you are on enforced down time."

"Yes, that would be for the best."  Saul agreed.  "We need to re-evaluate the security..."

"Saul!" impatiently Bill interrupted his friend.

"No Bill, you need to listen." Saul looked at Bill forcefully.  His one eye was glistening.  "I've never lied to you before, and I'm not going to start now."

"I don't know what went on in that nebula we just left.  But it was back there we realized we were Cylons..."  Saul spoke with earnest so that Bill would listen.

"We?"  Bill caught on the strange pronoun Saul used.

"Yes, We!"  Saul confirmed.  "Tyrol, Anders, Tori, and I."

"Remember the music I told you about that was inside the ship?  We all heard it.  When the fleet entered the nebula, the four of us somehow followed the song and ended up in this room together at the same time.  That's when we all knew--we knew we were Cylons.  You may think this is nonsense, but you have to believe me.  All four of us felt who we are as clear as day."

Bill's lips were pressed into a thin line.  Without words, he glared at Saul Tigh.  The two of them sat there staring at each other in a silence pregnant with shock.

Then Bill stood up and walked back to his desk.  He put his glass down for the second time there and picked up the phone.  Quickly Bill made three successive calls.  After he hung up the last call, he looked at Tigh and said simply:  "Let's go!"

Tigh got up from the couch and stood to attention in front of Bill.  He then turned and marched through the hatchway.

Without hesitation, Bill followed directly after him.  Forgotten was that visit to the brig Bill had intended to have earlier...

* * *

Stepping off the shuttle, Lee walked onto the deck of Prometheus.  He came here to meet with someone.

Lee had just spent a sleepless night in the brig and was only released about an hour ago.  After he was let out of the brig by the guards, Lee headed straight to his quarters to pack up his meager belongings.  He had decided last night in the brig that he would leave Galactica as soon as he could.  The Battlestar is not a place for civilians, and that's what he was now--the plain Mister Adama.

Inside his deserted quarters, Lee went to his locker, and was in the middle of changing into civilian clothes when he noticed a folded piece of paper tucked unobtrusively among his things in the corner.

Lee opened the page and noticed right away the familiar symbol that suggested the note was from one of his contacts inside the Black Market.  The handwriting itself however was nondescript.  The note simply suggested Lee to meet with an informant at the secluded area behind the market on Prometheus.  It promised Lee would find the meeting interesting.

So that's what led to Lee's inconspicuous arrival at Prometheus.  He came immediately after he changed into an ordinary set of plain clothes.  Regardless of him being a military officer or a private citizen, Lee knew he needed to keep an eye on the Black Market, which he saw as a necessary evil for the stability of their daily life.

Lee made his way to the market section of the ship.  The place usually was bustling with mobs and activities.  But it was still early in the morning, so there were only a handful of people scattered around haggling for various goods.

Lee scanned the market and noticed no unusual activities.  He then continued onward and made his way carefully to the designated meeting place.  It was a small semi enclosed area behind the market.  Lee had come here before to meet with different informants who had important information for him.  The area was strangely secluded even when the market nearby was in full swing.  Now, the place was positively deserted.

Lee turned at the slight noise he heard, and barely caught his eye on the ruffian looking fellow before a punch that came out of nowhere came to within an inch from his jaw.  Lee ducked just in time, and in a fluid motion, he grabbed onto his attacker's arm and threw the guy against the wall using the fellow's own momentum.

Unfortunately, that guy wasn't Lee's only attacker.  The moment the first guy crashed into the wall, several more came upon Lee on either side of him.  Lee fought expertly.  But he was severely outnumbered.  Despite a few satisfyingly good punches and kicks Lee landed on his opponents, he was having a hard time fighting off the attacks.

Soon Lee was immobilized by one of the ruffians grabbing him from behind in a chokehold.  The guy also covered Lee's mouth with his large beefy hand to muffle any sound Lee might make.  Thus Lee found himself having a hard time drawing breath now, and he was growing lightheaded quickly.  Two other attackers seized Lee's wrists in a viselike grip and held his arms in place, while the rest of them took turns at beating the now defenseless man.  Helplessly Lee felt every one of those unyielding fists pummeled into his unprotected body.

The beating felt like going on forever, and Lee was close to passing out.  Then he sensed the punches had stopped, and a newcomer had walked in front of him.  Leaning in closer, the man whispered in Lee's ear with a trace of Sagittarian accent:  "This is what you get for letting a murderer go free."

Without warning, Lee saw only a flash of silver before he felt the knife plunged deep into his guts.  Lee's world suddenly collapsed to nothing but a sea of burning pain.  He didn't feel the arms that held him had withdrawn, nor did he hear the retreating footsteps as those men left the area.  Lee was unconscious before his body slid down the cold metal deck.

Chapter  3:  Can't Get No Relief

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