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I "Dream" of Eden

I know, I know--totally cheesy title.  But last night I went to a girl friend's birthday party at Cypress Inn in Carmel.  As I walked into the (Doris Day owned) hotel, I saw Barbra Eden sitting on the couch in the hotel's sitting room with her friends.  She looked AMAZING!  Even though she's much older since she played Jeanie in I Dream of Jeanie, she hasn't changed that much!  All the male friends in the party agreed that she was hot!  Hmmm... wonder if she stayed at the hotel or just came in for drinks.

On a different note, I'm quite amused to discover at the party last night that one of my friends' boss might be a closet BSG fan!  The said boss is a computer network security professor.  She was addressing her group of researchers to pay attention on what they leave on their computers because they never know who else might be observing, and she let it slip--she said for all they knew, it could be CYLONS on the other end of the network!  Because of my influence, my friend was acquainted with the terminologies from the show, so he smiled when she said that.  And she promptly turned red!  :D
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