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FanFic: Can't Get No Relief (1/1) BSG

TITLE: Can't Get No Relief (1/1)
CHARACTERS: Lee, Bill, and others.
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Crossroads.
DISCLAIMER: Battlestar Galactica and all the characters therein belong to Ron Moore and his team of writers. I make no profit from this, I just like to play with them, and Ron says I can...
SPOILERS: Up to the end of Season 3, everything else is AU.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I got really bored waiting for S4 to start so I decided to play with the characters myself.  This is the continuation of my previous story Too Much Confusion.  Although I listed this one as being completed, it really is the third part of an on-going story.

Chapter  1:  Some Way Out of Here
Chapter  2:  Too Much Confusion

* * *
The President was furious!

Eighty hours ago, Admiral Adama had dropped a bombshell in her lap:  Four prominent members of the fleet might be in fact Cylons.  Wasted no time, she and the Admiral delved into a thorough investigation.

Doc Cottle, in lieu of Baltar, stepped in with his team of medics and conducted the blood tests on the four accused.  As the results were showing up, they stood there and watched in dismay while the computer screen lit up with red signals.  These glaring marks loudly proclaimed Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tori were indeed NOT human.

Thus the tiny hope on everyone's mind that this was a misunderstanding was irrevocably dashed.

A shiver ran through Laura, and anger rose as she thought about what this revelation entailed.  She thought everything Cylons had done so far boiled down to a labyrinth of lies and deceits.  Judging by how long Adama had known Tigh, Laura concluded Cylons' incursions could have started as early as back when the Armistice was first declared.

"What now?  What should be done?"

Laura's natural inclination was to lock these machines up and threw away the keys; or better yet, simply airlock them and be done with the dangers they posed.  She envisioned flushing these machines out of the airtube.  However, as Laura pictured their bodies floating toward the dark abyss, her mind cut back to the time when these four fought fiercely alongside of her on New Caprica.

FRAK!  These four once were the leaders of human resistance.  They fought just as hard as she did against the Cylons that destroyed her world.  They were her comrades.

It was then Laura knew airlocking them was not the answer.

She and the Admiral needed to understand the purpose and intent of these four Cylons.  What are they doing here?  Are they here to assist or thwart her quest for Earth?

At the Admiral's behest, Sharon and her husband Karl were brought into the investigation.  Despite the lack of faith Laura had in the Agathons, the Admiral seemed to trust them, and Laura could see that Sharon, as a Cylon renegade, might offer exclusive information on these machines.  So Laura went along.

But Sharon was just as surprised at this as everyone else.  She imparted that these four were members of the five rogue models.  These mysterious copies were separated from the rest of the Cylon fleet.  Their existence was merely whispered amongst the other seven sibling models.  Nothing else beyond that was known.  Whether they were friends or foes to the humans could be anyone's guess.

So, interrogations of each of the four were carried out painstakingly.  Nonetheless, nothing more startling was revealed.  Although each of them had a different reaction toward their new identity, they did share some things in common:  specifically, none of them could reveal who the last Cylon is, and it seemed not a single one of them harbored secret agendas against the humans.  In the end, Laura and Bill found no indication that Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tori posed any direct threat to the Colonial fleet.

As the investigation went on, Laura sensed Bill's reluctance at treating these four in question as enemy agents.  In a way, that didn't surprise her.

Lately Laura had experienced firsthand Bill's growing willingness to forgive.

Didn't he vote to exonerate Baltar, the megalomaniac genius we both knew very well was a traitor?  The memory came quickly to Laura's mind.

If the Admiral was willing to absolve Baltar, it's not so hard to imagine he would give Tigh the benefit of doubt as well.  After all, Laura knew Adama and Tigh were old friends.  Since the time she came to know them, she had witnessed the depth of trust between these two men.  Then, there's Tyrol, who has served as Galactica's trusted Chief Deckhand for years, thus is regarded by Bill as a member of his extended family; and Anders, who through his marriage to Starbuck, might as well be called Bill's son-in-law.

Therefore Laura was not surprised that in the absence of wrong doings and treacheries, Bill suggested letting these four resume their duties.  He argued that he believed the fleet could use the services the four of them offered.

If Sharon could become Athena, Bill reasoned, these four could turn out to be valuable assets too.

Laura recognized a dicey situation when she saw one.  While she knew trusting these four is a risky business, she also had another issue to contend with--namely, the public reaction.

As a politician, Laura knew the importance of maintaining the trust of the public.  She was aware there's already an unrest amongst the fleet's populace as the fallout of Baltar's trial.  She didn't want to add paranoia that would sure arise once people realize the top tiers of their civil and military leaders were infiltrated by Cylon agents.

After lengthy debate and weighing in different options, the President and the Admiral finally agreed the best course of action for them at this point was to keep Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tori's identities classified among a selected few.

That was three days ago.

This morning however, the fleet was in a frenzy with rumors of its government engaging in a conspiracy.  Some members of the press even accused the head of the government secretly in collusion with the enemies.

Laura had no time to worry about how the information was leaked out.  She knew the situation could become volatile and dangerous.  She must deal with it swiftly.

* * *

...It's pitch dark here.

He had no sense of time and spatial reference.  He didn't know where he was nor how long it has been.  He was floating again.

And utterly alone.

This didn't trouble him though.  In fact, it was a relief.

The white-hot pain that once sliced through him has since faded into a dull throb that pulsated at the edge of his conscious, almost forgotten.  He no longer felt nor cared that life was seeping out of him while blood drained away from his body.

Finally all the sensations had deserted him, leaving him nothing but an empty shell, drifting in a sea of black void.  Gone was the hurt and the need for struggle, and he was merely content at not being...

Death wasn't so terrible after all.

* * *

"Where is Lee?"  Bill Adama is getting frustrated.

It's been three days, and Lee is gone without a trace.

Three days ago, as soon as he reached a resolution on how to handle their new Cylons with the President, Bill went looking for his son.  He wished he had brought Lee into the investigation early on, but Lee was cooling his heels in the brig then.

Bill sensed time was running out.  He couldn't put off talking to his son anymore.  There were so many things he needed to tell Lee.

For starters, Bill wished he could admit openly how much he has grown to respect Lee these days.  His son had done him proud by successfully commanding Pegasus, a feat twice as hard given the battlestar was in disgrace at the time Lee took over.  Under Lee's command, even though the battlestar was eventually lost in the battle over New Caprica, Bill recalled proudly, it wasn't before Lee had given back its honor.  Whenever Bill thought back on that day, he still got choked up inside remembering how Pegasus charged into the foray with her guns blazing to save Galactica from the impending doom.  Yes, Lee sacrificed his ship on that day, but he saved the battle and humanity in the meantime.

The trouble was Bill never mentioned how he felt about this to Lee, ever.

Ironically, Bill Adama, who always knew what to say to his soldiers, didn't quite have the right words for his own son, particularly when the topic was regarding Lee himself.

The problem was, Bill rued, he didn't know his son as well as he should.  Bill considered himself a perceptive man.  Most people he encountered, Bill could read them like textbooks.  Lee on the other hand, was more like a tome that's hard to crack.  Just when Bill thought he had his son figured out, he ended up seeing something new that caught him off guard completely.

As such, Bill was bewildered when Lee wanted to defend Baltar, a man Bill knew his son loathed.  No, Bill didn't see Lee's reason at all in the beginning.  Thus he was angered by his son's ensuing actions.

But Lee's final deliverance in the court room changed everything.  Bill was never as impressed by his son as that moment when Lee made the Defense's case in the court room, on the opposite side of him, against all odds.  It was a defining moment for a father who realized his son has risen to surpass him.  Bill wished he could tell Lee it was Lee's words that persuaded him to cast the Not Guilty vote in the end.

Thinking back on the recent chain of events, Bill realized he hasn't been fair to Lee.  He could see his role as a father as well as the CO had made him come down on Lee harder than he would on others.  Since Kara died, this had become even more so.  Truth is, Lee matters too much to him.  Bill couldn't let his last remaining child slip away from him.  When the bomb targeted at Romo Lampkin exploded with Lee nearby, Bill was beside himself with worries.  His worst fear nearly came true, and since then, Bill's thoughts hadn't exactly been rational until the moment Lee bared his soul on the stand.

It was his son's levelheadedness, his uncanny ability to see the big picture, and his honesty that made Bill see things more clearly than he had in days.  Now, more than ever, Bill needed his son's astute mind.

To Bill's disappointment, Lee was no where to be found.  He knew his son was already released from the brig long time ago, but Lee wasn't in his quarters either.  In fact, all signs indicated Lee was no longer on Galactica.

Sighing, Bill knew if Lee wished to hide from him, he would have a very hard time locating his son.

"But why would Lee want to disappear?  Did he resent me still?"  Bill wondered.  "He must have been too angry to forgive me over the harsh accusations I threw at him during the trial."

Those biting remarks Bill didn't even mean any of them--he was simply hurt and upset at the time, and needed to lash out.  Now Bill regretted he ever let his emotion get the better of him.

Bill wanted to find Lee quickly.  However, all of his dispatched Marines had come back empty handed.  It was as if his son had disappeared into thin air.  Not giving up, Bill was ready to double his effort.

Then his phone rang...

* * *

There's light coming through the leaves.

The lush grass was tickling his bare feet.  He tilted his head back and enjoyed the warm sunlight bathing his skin.  The last time he was this relaxed was back on Cloud Nine, and Kara sprayed water all over him.

Speaking of the devil, he felt some droplets of water splashed over his face.  He opened his eyes and saw the insuppressible blonde beaming at him.

"Hi," he grinned back at her.  "I knew I'd see you again when my time comes, Kara."

He glanced around, taking in the peaceful park like surroundings.  "So, this is it.  This is what after life looks like..."

"Don't be silly."  Kara giggled.  "You are not dead."

"At least not yet."  She corrected.

Surprised, he looked at her.  "No?"  He waved his hand around.  "Then what is this place?  What are you doing here?"  He paused.  Then more quietly, he asked:  "Why am I here?"

"This is Earth, Lee."  Kara grew serious.  "But you are not really here--not yet anyway."

"You were wounded.  Badly."  She raised her hand, and gingerly touched Lee's trim abdomen.  "You are with a doctor right now."

"But you need to get better soon," she stared at him intently.  "You can fight this, Lee.  Your time hasn't come yet.  The fleet needs you still.  Your father needs you."

* * *
Lee struggled to regain consciousness.  It was like being trapped in a dark tunnel, he couldn't find his way out.  Even though the blackness around him offered a comforting lull, he now had a sense of urgency to get back to where he belonged.

He made his way in the entrenching darkness.  Never stopping until he finally saw a tiny spot of brightness up ahead.  Gathering up all the strength he could muster, Lee rushed toward it...

* * *

The old man in the room noticed his patient was coming around finally.

He hurried over to the side of the bed where the young man laid, and dimmed the overhead light.

Sure enough, the patient's head tossed slightly against the white pillow underneath, like he had done before.  Only this time, the struggle didn't end too quickly.

As the old man looked on, he was pleased to see his ward gradually dragged his eyes open, revealing the startling baby blues for the first time.

"He's a fine looking lad."  The old man lamented privately.  As a doctor, he had seen all kinds of people in the past.  This one stands out from the rest.

"They called him Apollo.  It suited him very well.  Pity if..."

"...Where..."  a hoarse whisper coming from the bed interrupted the old man's thoughts.

"Ah, I see you are awake now.  Good to have you back.  You gave us quite a scare."  The old man evaded the simple question for now.

"...Where..." the single word was repeated again.

Heaving a sigh of weariness, the old man gave in:  "You are still on Prometheus, if you must know."

* * *

Lee woke up at a strange place.  Everything looked unfamiliar.

He saw an old man bent over him--a total stranger, yet there's something oddly vague about that face--he had seen it before, he was certain, only he couldn't recall when and where.

It didn't matter, he couldn't think straight anyway.  He felt wan and lethargic, but he struggled to stay awake.

He must find out where he is and what's going on.

Then the old man told him he was in fact on Prometheus.  That's when the memories flooded back--the note, the attack, the knife...

"How..."  Lee wanted to know how he ended up here, but he was too weak to get the question out.

The old man seemed to understand what he wanted though.

"Someone I know found you bleeding to death behind the Market.  She works on the bridge of this crusty ol' ship.  She recognized you right away.  Let's just say she knew what you did for us back there at the last nebula, and she was appreciative of your bravery.  So she summoned help, and brought you to me."

Lee nodded slightly, accepting the story.  "You...doctor?"

The old man's mouth twisted into a wry smile.  "Something like that."  He offered.  "Looks like it's time to introduce myself--I'm Doctor Kraiser."

* * *

Doctor Kraiser?  The Doctor Kraiser?  Lee's memory clicked.

No wonder this man looked familiar.  He's that infamous Doctor Death who performed those so called mercy killings, Lee recalled what he knew from so long ago.

"I see you are aware who I am then."  The old man mused.

How could he not.  Lee can still remember the time his grandfather defended this man.  He was barely in his teen then.

Lee used to worship his grandfather from the time he was old enough to remember things.  To other people, Joseph Adama was an imposing man.  In fact, Zak was positively terrified of him.  But not Lee.  Lee idolized his grandpa, and Grandpa Joe was quite taken with Lee as well.  Together they shared a special bond.  Lee loved spending time in his grandpa's library.  It was a strange place as a child's sanctuary, but Lee felt right at home in the musky smelling room with the big leather chairs and volumes of leather bound books.  It was there Lee developed his love for reading.  He wanted to be just like his grandpa when he grew up.

But Doctor Kraiser changed all that.  When Joseph Adama took on the job of defending the infamous doctor, Lee was just old enough to get a dose of the controversy surrounding Grandpa Joe and his client.  It was then Lee realized for the first time his grandpa wasn't so much the champion Lee thought he was.

"Your grandfather did all he could for me."  Kraiser seemed to know Lee was thinking of Joseph Adama.

"I spent 15 years in jail, and was on my way for parole when the Cylons attacked.  After you secured freedom for us prisoners on the Astral Queen, I came here instead.  I'm not a licensed physician anymore, but there aren't that many doctors left in the fleet, and the people here aren't that choosy."

Life sure goes about in funny ways.   Lee thought.  Here he was, saved by the doctor he detested as a child.

"How long..."  Lee wanted to change the subject.

"You were unconscious for more than four days.  There was too much bleeding."  Kraiser answered.  He looks troubled.

Lee closed his eyes for a moment.  He was exhausted, but he needed to get back.

"...call Galactica..."  with effort, Lee whispered the words.  He wondered if his father knew his whereabouts.

If Kraiser looked troubled a moment before, he now appears dreaded.

"That is a problem son.  Yesterday, there was a coup and sabotage onboard Galactica..."  Kraiser looked away as he said the next:

"I'm afraid she's lost..."

Chapter  4:  No Reason To Get Excited

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