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FanFic: No Reason to Get Excited (1/1) BSG

TITLE: No Reason to Get Excited (1/1)
CHARACTERS: Lee, Bill, and others.
SUMMARY: The aftermath of Crossroads.
DISCLAIMER: Battlestar Galactica and all the characters therein belong to Ron Moore and his team of writers. I make no profit from this, I just like to play with them, and Ron says I can...
SPOILERS: Up to the end of Season 3, everything else is AU.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I got really bored waiting for S4 to start so I decided to play with the characters myself.  This is the continuation of my previous story Can't Get No Relief.  Although I listed this one as being completed, it really is the fourth part of an on-going story.  Also, I have very limited knowledge in the medical field.  So please pardon the inaccuracies here.  I was merely concentrating on moving the story along.

p.s.  I'm going away for a weekend ski trip.  I'm not quite happy with what I've got so far.  But I'm rushing to get it posted before I leave.

Chapter  1:  Some Way Out of Here
Chapter  2:  Too Much Confusion
Chapter  3:  Can't Get No Relief

* * *

"No!"  Lee's whole body convulsed.

The news of Galactica was too much to take in.  His mind screamed he had to do something.

Alarmed, Kraiser reached over, ready to soothe his patient.  But Lee didn't want to be consoled.  Weak that he was, Lee struggled to rise from the bed.

He only succeeded in as far as propping himself up on quivering elbows.  Then his strength all spent, and the room spun around him.  His vision unraveled.

Kraiser grabbed Lee by the shoulders to steady him, only to have Lee fainted right there in his arms...

* * *

Later, Lee came around again for a second time.

Slowly, he opened his eyes.  He hoped things greeting him would be different this time.  Lee longed to see the inside of his quarters on Galactica.

But it was not to be.

The surroundings were still the same as they were when he woke up earlier.  The dim light in the room outlined the foreignness around him.

"That's right, I'm on Prometheus instead."  Lee recalled.

With that, Galactica and her fate crept into his thoughts.  Lee felt a spasm of pain in his heart.  But he didn't allow himself to grieve this time.  Ruthlessly, he pushed back the sorrow.

"There will be time for that later," Lee chided himself.

For now, he didn't want to believe his father is really gone.  If he remembered what Kara said in his dream correctly, Galactica could be caught in some kind of trouble for all he knows.

"Your father needs you," the words echoed in his head.

Lee clutched at the belief that his father is still alive somewhere and in need of his help.  He must stay calm, and think fast.

Scanning the small space around him, Lee saw he was left alone for the time being.  Wanting more information on what's happening, he began to take stock of his conditions.

The first thing he noticed was the IV catheter inserted into his left arm.  Judging by the dark red color of the fluid, Lee realized he's receiving blood transfusion.

Cautiously, Lee tested his ability to move his limbs.  Although they felt leaden, he was satisfied to find out all four of them were mobile.  That's good...

He gingerly raised his right hand to explore the mid section of his body.  He fingered the bandage wrapped around his midriff.  No surprise there since he knew that's where the knife went in.  He is relieved however that he's not under much pain at all.  Based on the lingering grogginess, Lee guessed he's most likely on pain medications.

All in all, Lee feels relatively intact.  He should be able to take on the physical demand of what he needs to do next.

* * *

The old man Kraiser stepped through the hatch and found his patient fully awake.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"  He smiled and addressed Lee pleasantly.

At the sound of the voice, Lee turned his head toward the doctor.

"I'm fine."  He answered succinctly.  A little crinkle formed in between his brows.  Eyes challenging, Lee went on asking the good doctor:  "Can you get me to a wireless?  I need to get in touch with the President."

The old man winced.

Glumly he responded:  "You mean the Vice President." ... "President Roslin was on board Galactica when she went down..."

Lee cursed silently.  "The Vice President then."  He amended.

Kraiser regarded Lee long and hard.  Unflinching, Lee met his gaze steadily.

Finally, the old man acquiesced:  "I'll see what I can do..."

"But," he continued saying:  "we need to discuss your physical condition first."

"There's nothing to discuss.  I said I'm fine."  Dismissively, Lee repeated his earlier statement.

Kraiser gave a rather sad smile:  "I'll be the judge of that."

"You may remember I mentioned earlier you bled excessively when you were first brought to me.  I did some blood tests on you just to be cautious."  Kraiser paused in his speech.

Then he looked Lee in the eyes and announced:  "The results showed you have aplastic anemia."

"What?"  The creases between Lee's eyebrows deepened.  "What's that?!"  He was puzzled.

The old man looked at Lee solemnly, and explained:  "It's a serious condition where your body doesn't produce enough blood cells.  It causes fatigues, high risk of infections, and uncontrolled bleeding.  Like many other diseases, it has mild, moderate, and sever stages.  When it gets to the last stage where the blood cell counts are extremely low, it is fatal."

While the doctor spoke, Lee's face turned into a stony mask.  After the old man finished, Lee said impassively:  "What stage am I then?"

"Your erythrocyte count is under two hundred per cc of raw blood.  That means you are at the beginning of the third stage."  Compassion rose on Kraiser's face.  "Son, this is a very rare but serious illness.  Under normal circumstance, you should be hospitalized..."

"If it's so rare, how did I get it?"  Lee cut off what the doctor was saying.  There's a hint of disbelieving in his demeanor now.

"The cause is difficult to pin point for this type of disease.  Exposures to substances such as radiation, benzene, or the use of certain drugs are known to cause..."  Kraiser's voice trailed off as he saw realization dawned on his patient.

"I see you may have a clue now?"  He asked gently.

Lee averted his eyes.  He gave an imperceptible nod.  "The passage to the Algae planet..."  His voice could barely be heard.

The trek through the radiation filled passage was a harrowing experience for them all.  They've lost so many good people.  The one loss that affected those on Galactica the most was Lt. Louanne "Kat" Katraine, who died of overexposure to the harmful radiation.

However, unbeknownst  to anyone else, Kat wasn't the only one who pushed her exposure over the limit on that day.  As the CAG, Lee was there all the time leading his pilots during every trip through the passage.  Even after the dial of his radiation gauge had turned alarmingly black, Lee had quietly put the instrument aside and went back to the cockpit...

Nodding his head, Kraiser said:  "I guessed as much.  I remembered the voyage to that planet.  I had to treat many cases of radiation poisoning afterwards, and we only had to go through the passage once.  But you pilots had to make multiple passes to guide the entire fleet through."

Things started to make sense.  Lee had felt overly exhausted for a while now.  He had previously chalked it up to the heavy workloads, the toll of sorting through his messy relationships, the shock at the death of his best friend, and the emotional fallout of defending a hated man.  Now he understands there was actually a physical reason behind his fatigues.

But all this is unimportant compared to the fate of Galactica and the predicament the entire fleet is facing.

"I won't be confined here or in a sickbay."  Lee determined.  "I have too many things I need to do."

Sighing,  Kraiser allowed:  "In normal situations, I would insist you go through intensive treatments.  But we are in an extraordinary time these days.  I don't even know if any of us will survive long like this.  Any moment now, Cylons can find us.  Without the protection from Galactica, we don't stand a chance."

Lee's jaw clenched and unclenched, but he said nothing.

"Alright," Kraiser made up his mind.  "I'll cut you loose as soon as you are ready.  But I do need you to come back here regularly to receive blood transfusions.  Let's pray this treatment will be effective.  Our resources are limited.  I don't have other medications I can give you to treat this.  If that doesn't work, the next thing to try is bone marrow transplant.  But that procedure is risky in itself, and a perfectly matched donor is hard to find these days..."

Nodding his head in agreement, Lee announced resolutely:  "I'm ready now."

* * *

Couple of days later...

Lee Adama and the Vice President Tom Zarek are locked in a battle of wills.

They sit face to face on Colonial One, the official vessel for the President of the Twelve Colonies.

Clad in casual civilian clothes, Lee nonetheless commands respect and authority as if he's wearing his dress blue.  Despite appearing pale and drawn, there's an inner strength in him that is undeniable.

Zarek on the other hand, looks tired and tense.  The past several days had been brutal for him.

At the moment, both men are glaring at each other across the aisle.  They are debating on the direction in which the fleet should go next.  Neither man showed any sign of backing down just yet...

* * *

It was merely 48 hours ago Lee first woke up on board Prometheus.

Soon afterwards, his doctor called in a favor to the friend who brought Lee in earlier.  This person turned out to be a dark haired woman in her late 40s who mans the comms at Prometheus's bridge.  Kraiser asked her to help Lee get in touch with the Vice President.

Lee's injury was far from healed.  But he simply didn't have the luxury of recuperating in bed.  So dosed up on pain killers and completed his first blood transfusion, Lee struggled to get back on his feet.  Wobbly he was at first, but he ignored it and trudged on determinedly as he made his way to the ship's bridge.

Tom Zarek sounded relieved when Lee called him.  They quickly arranged to meet on board Colonial One.  Zarek no longer stays on Astral Queen these days.  With the President in absentia, it is the VP's place to take over her seat on the presidential ship.

At their initial meeting, Zarek related to Lee the sketchy details of what happened to Galactica:

That morning, news broke on the discovery as well as the subsequent cover-up of four additional Cylon infiltrators.  Immediately chaos reigned in the already polarized fleet.

If Lee was surprised at the identities of the newly uncovered quartet, he didn't let on.  By this time, Lee's usual mastery of his emotions was firmly in place.

Lee was told President Roslin made an unscheduled visit to Galactica on that morning to see Doc Cottle for her treatment before the ruckus started.  When the news leak hit the wireless, she had tried to get back to Colonial One.  But it was too late.  Although the specifics were unclear, they did know that Galactica suffered a series of well coordinated sabotages, which physically cut her off from the rest of the fleet.

The leader of the saboteurs was identified as a Sagittarian man named Archer Simpson.  Zarek showed Lee an image of the man they dug out from the fleet's database.  It was a face Lee had seen before.

The cold glint of the menacing blade flashed through Lee's mind.  He recognized Simpson was the same man who delivered the knife blow five days ago.

So the attack on him wasn't an isolated case then, Lee realized.  It was part of a choreographed plot.  He was lured away from Galactica, ambushed, and left for dead.  With him out of the picture, it was much easier for the shenanigans on board Galactica to go on unnoticed.  The irony of this was he was leaving the battlestar on his own accord anyway, Lee marveled with a twinge of regret.  Whoever masterminded the coup didn't know this and feared Apollo would get in their way.

The saboteurs took over some strategic positions on the battlestar.  Simpson, the man in charge, sent a broadcast message through the wireless declaring their government unjust and in collusion with the enemy.  Therefore he and his people were taking over the control of the warship and demanding the immediate resignation of Roslin.

To demonstrate they meant business, Simpson and his man hid explosives throughout the ship.  They also hijacked Galactica's weapon system somehow, and trained the ship's guns on Colonial One.  They threatened to blow up the president's ship if their demand wasn't met.

What followed happened rather quickly.  Admiral Adama and his loyal soldiers attempted to take back control of their ship.  But things went terribly wrong.  The hidden bombs on Galactica were inadvertently triggered somehow, and the ship lost its cruising control.  As if things couldn't get any worse, those gun turrets swirled wildly in all directions with their cannons ablaze.  The civilian ships near by scrambled to get out of her way, but it was hopeless.

Just when it seemed some ships were about to get hit by the blasts from Galactica, the mighty warship, rocked by massive detonations on board, executed her last able maneuver and jumped out of the way.

Zarek assured Lee that no one knew where Galactica went, and none had heard from her since.  Judging by the damages it sustained, it's doubtful she'd be able to survive those devastating explosions.

But Lee believed differently.

* * *

After the initial meeting with the Vice President, Lee went on to survey what they got left in the fleet.

For a long time, Galactica has been fleet's sole protector.  With her gone missing, the fleet now desperately needs an alternative defender.

In the past couple years Lee has kept a close eye on Prometheus because of the black market.  From what he observed, Lee realized the unassuming vessel is essentially a mercenary ship in reality.  Although its firepower is far from the caliber of a battlestar, Prometheus is nevertheless equipped with some weaponry other civilian ships don't have.

Then there is Astral Queen, the former prison transporter.  The ship also has limited guns that were used to protect itself from hijackers and prisoner revolts.

In the back of Lee's mind, he has been thinking of tapping into these two ships to supplement the fleet's fighting force in time of needs.  Now Lee fully intended to utilize them as he had planned.

Lee also gathered all the soldiers, trainees, as well as the Vipers and Raptors that were off Galactica on that fateful day.  He tallied them up and found he had just enough Vipers and Raptors to form a small sized squadron.  He realized he now had more pilots than ships, but that couldn't be helped at the moment.

Among the military personnel he gathered, Lee was happy to see Hoshi, who was on a R&R rotation on Rising Star when Galactica was sabotaged.  Immediately, Lee appointed him as the second in command to oversee the soldiers.

To Lee's satisfaction, a couple more civilians stepped forward as well.  First of all, there was Laird, the ex deckhand chief on Pegasus who went back to become a civilian after the exodus from New Caprica.  Although Laird was previously drafted under gun point by Admiral Cain and her cronies, he came forward voluntarily to offer his service this time.  The other well-timed offer came from none other than Daniel "Bulldog" Novacek, the ex ace pilot who retired from the service after his escape from long time Cylon imprisonment.  Now he's ready to get back into a cockpit.

Thus within 48 hours, Lee quickly organized a small military force and reestablished defense for the fleet.  He even ordered a couple of CAP missions to patrol the nearby space around the fleet.

Lee's timely and efficient handling of the situation provided the much needed calming effect to a fleet that was in turmoil.  Shocked by the sudden loss of Galactica and the President, this ragtag group was ready to fracture.  The civilians were scared and confused, and the Quorum was in disagreement on what to do.  Zarek had his hands full trying to establish unity.  But Vice President or not, people just didn't have enough trust in him to provide for their safeties.

So Zarek was more than happy to have Lee step up and assume command of the military under the current circumstance.  That was, until Lee came to him to suggest they head back to the place where Galactica went missing.

* * *

Zarek is not going to back down.  He believed it's dangerous for them to head back for a fruitless cause.  After all there was no chance Galactica could have survived.  They all knew the Cylons had been chasing after the fleet all this time.  Going back would very likely have the fleet run directly into its enemies.

Lee argued the defensive force he put up for the fleet could only be a short term solution.  In the long journey ahead, they still need Galactica to safeguard the fleet.  Besides, Lee was adamant that he believed the battlestar was out there somewhere.  They just need to find her.

So there they sit, glaring and challenging each other on where the fleet should go next.  Neither is willing to relent.

Lee, still weak from the knife wound, feels light-headed and dizzy.  But he refuses to let it shown.  He knows he must win this argument.

Finally Zarek ever so slightly hunches his back.  He closes his eyes for a brief moment.  Looking worn out, he finally gives in to Lee and agrees to head back.

* * *

They jumped back to the coordinates where Galactica's was last seen.

The space was clear except for themselves.  The fleet settled in place to scan the possible areas where Galactica could have jumped.

Half hour later...

Lee was on Prometheus when its DRADIS detected an incoming vessel.  Fully alert, Lee trained his eyes on the sensor screen.  Moments later he was relieved to see the vessel was identified as one of their own.

Next, Athena's voice was heard through the comms:

"This is Raptor 251, I have the President of Twelve Colonies on board.  Repeat, I have President Roslin on board!"


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