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The Things I Can Do

Had an interesting night last night with my monthly GNO (Girls' Night Out) group.  The setup is that each month a different girl hosts a different themed party.  We've done dessert making, getting mani-pedicure at a salon after hours, and so on.  This month's host decided to do a flower arranging party!  Well, as it turned out--I made a flower arrangement, scaled a wall with the host and another friend after the party, and got a little drunk with this friend over two bottles of wines rescued off the ledge of the wall we climbed.

Oh well, at least I had something to show for for the night--here's what I made:

I should clarify that we are all amateurs here.  Also, thank goodness for cellphones with cameras--none of us had thought to bring a camera.  These pictures are taken by me using my cellphone. :)

Tags: a box of chocolates
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