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Fanfic: Red Letter Day (4/5) BSG

TITLE: Red Letter Day (4/5)
CHARACTERS: Lee, Bill, and others.
SUMMARY: It's Bill Adama's Birthday! What is Lee up to?
DISCLAIMER: Battlestar Galactica and all the characters therein belong to Ron Moore and his team of writers. I make no profit from this, I'm only playing with them, and honestly Ron says I can...
SPOILERS: Happens sometime in the middle of Season 3, presumably between A Day in Life and Dirty Hands. Slight spoilery to the opening scene in The Son Also Rise, but it's mostly AU.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is written in celebration of The Adama Realm's 3rd anniversary!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

* * *

Kara and the marines rushed out of the Raptor that just landed on Prometheus's Landing Bay.

Walking briskly, the intrepid girl carried a look of grim determination. She might not know what exactly happened to Lee, but Kara vowed she would keep searching until she find her friend and bring him back to Galactica. Safely.

It was hard to believe only a half hour had passed since Dee showed up at Admiral's quarters, a sheet of paper in her hand.

To Kara's amazement, the sheet turned out to be a jammed wireless transmission the young Lieutenant dug out from a pile of records. Although it was sent in the clear, the message was so gibberish that nobody looked at it closely before burying it in the log book.

Her interest was piqued when Dee explained it was transmitted four days ago, from the Raptor Lee used, not too long after he left Galactica.

The content reads: ".....ica......lo..pos...le.dr...tr...ick....det..ted....nt..o...ves...e."

Dee got as far as deciphering the first two words as "galactica, apollo." before running the evidence to the old man.

Together, the three of them worked out a plausible wording for the rest: "possible drug trafficking detected. went to investigate."

Lords. The implication made Kara nauseated: "Was Lee in the clutches of the bad guys all this time?"

Seeing the grave look on her Admiral's face, she knew he was tormented by the same thought. The evidence was sketchy, but no way would they overlook even the slightest possibility.

The old man immediately mobilized a team to resume the search of the black market. He was convinced the raid would lead to his son's whereabouts.

Kara's instincts told her the same thing, and she never was one to ignore her gut feelings.

Thus, treading through the deck of Prometheus, she expeditiously led the soldiers toward the back section of the ship...

* * *

Wilson furrowed his forehead.

"What do you mean I have him?" He was incredulous.

The two men shifted around nervously. "We went in to give him the overdose, but he's not there anymore. The hatch was still locked from the outside, and there was no forced en..."

"For gods sake, did you search around? He had to have been hidden somewhere in that room!" Wilson looked at his men disgustedly. Why were they such morons?

"We did!" The men gave him an injured look. "There was no place to hide in that cell. We figured you had sent someone else to get him before we showed up."

"Why would I do that?" Wilson spat out the words.

"......" Both men stared at him blankly.

Wilson was pissed off. "I have no time for this," he thought to himself. Now that Galactica's soldiers had abandoned their search on Prometheus, he was about to conclude the overdue transaction with his distributors. If he doesn't get it completed soon, his own boss will be none the more pleased with him.

After doing a quick calculation in his head, he decided he would deal with this situation later. He hated loose-ends. He prayed Lee Adama wouldn't become a real problem for him. On the other hand, he couldn't imagine the guy was capable of doing anything in his current condition.

So first thing first, Wilson turned to the two men by his side: "Don't just stand there then. Make yourself useful. Go get the electronic jammer started before we get on with our business, and don't screw up this time!"

* * *

Lee stumbled through the threshold, clutching the hatch and the wall for support. The dimly lit corridor swam in his field of vision, giving him the illusion of looking at a floating image screen. He didn't know which direction was which, and frankly, he didn't care. There was only one thought on his mind: "Keep moving."

He concentrated on propelling his body forward. But it was getting harder with each step he took. Breathing heavily, he had trouble filling his lungs with enough air. A spasm of pain coursed through his body. His brace for the wall grew weaker, and it didn't take long for the tenuous hold to give out all together...

* * *

Kara caught his retrieving figure with her peripheral vision.

She stopped dead in her track. "I knew that man!" Alarm bell sounded off in her head. His name is Enzo, she recalled. She had seen him with Kat before. She also knew his involvement in the drug trafficking business went all the way back.

Following her instincts, Kara made the swift decision of changing their current course. Silently, she gestured the marines to tail Enzo instead.

The corridors here wind like a labyrinth. At first, Enzo wasn't aware he was being followed. But then, he caught on what was happening, and attempted to outrun his pursuers.

It was too late for him nonetheless.

Kara went after him doggedly. Like a startled animal, he inevitably led her to the rest of his cronies. With trained soldiers on the scene, it went down very quickly...

* * *

Not a single shot was fired before the marines overran the hidden cargo hold. Wilson and his men were caught by surprise. Even though they carried sidearms themselves, no one was dumb enough to assault a team of Galactica marines toting big machine guns.

Kara's eyes roved around the hold. She was stunned. What she saw was nothing short of a treasure trove filled with legal and illegal drugs alike. Red hot anger bubbled inside of her. If she had any lingering doubt on the circumstance of Lee's disappearance, it evaporated in an instant.

She seized Wilson, the man she recognized as Zarek's senior aide. She had little doubt that he's the ringleader here.

The punch she delivered was heavy, aimed directly at the jugular.

"Where is he?" She roared. "What have you done to him?"

Wilson tried to pretend he didn't know who she was talking about. That only earned him another excruciating blow to the stomach.

Grunting, Wilson quickly realized it was best to his advantage to tell the truth.

"I don't know." He whimpered. Punch.

"Aarrghh!" Wailing loudly, he choked out the words: "He was gone..."

* * *

It didn't take her long to find out where they had kept Lee. She searched the room and was certain Lee had somehow found a way to escape the dingy place. She would never admit it openly, but admiration rose inside of her.

"Everyone's got a skill," she once said to him. It was true enough. She could always count on Lee to come up with ingenious plans to break out of tight situations. This time was no exception.

But where had he gone from here? Judging by how he looked in that recent snapshot, he could not have gone too far on his own.

Kara carefully canvassed the corridors near the holding cell. The lighting was so bad she almost missed it.

But there he was, she finally saw the prone figure huddled next to the base of the corridor wall.

She was by his side in a flash. Crouching next to the still form, Kara shook her friend gently.

"Lee!" She called out his name, relief and worry combined in the same breath.

His eyelids fluttered at the sound of her voice, but remained closed otherwise.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Kara fiercely hugged her friend.

Not caring if he could hear her, she whispered in his ear: "It's alright Lee, I've got you..."

* * *

The air was cool and breezy, a departure from the stifling dank environment he was used to. Breathing deeply, he relished at the refreshing feel it offered. The fog in his mind lifted up a bit, and he became aware of a bothersome object pressed over his face.

He raised his hand intending to dislodge the offensive thing. But he didn't get very far. Immediately, his hand was pushed back. "Hold still." He heard a voice say.

Lee was alarmed. Sensing movement next to him, he forced his eyes open. The bleary scene greeted him was fuzzy at best. The light in the room much brighter than usual, and the room itself felt different. But Lee had no time to make sense of the surroundings. His attention was caught on the flurry of activities around him. "They've come back!" His mind screamed.

Lee wanted to get away. He struggled to sit up. Instantly, words were spoken to stop him: "Don't move, Major. We're trying to get an IV started."

Lee felt the familiar sting on his arm. Panicked, he doubled his effort.

Disjoint voices raised in every direction all at once:

"No, Lee!"
"You're pulling out the IV!"

Lee sensed the injection surging through his veins. There's a part of him yearned to surrender. Yet another part of him was outraged at this shameful submission. With the strength he didn't know he possessed, Lee bucked hard, and wrestled into a sitting position. He heard the sound of things crashing onto the floor.

"Calm down Lee."

Curse and plea sounded at the same time. Uncaring, Lee felt the adrenaline mounting. Triumphantly, he tore the offending object off his face. Exhilaration didn't last long however. His breathing soon became labored.

If that's not enough, his stomach chose this moment to roll. Reeling, he pulled up his legs and twisted his body. Somehow he managed to slide his feet off the bed and onto the cold floor. For an instant, he almost stood. But his weight proved too much for his weakened legs. Toppling, Lee crashed onto the floor.

"Get the restraints ready." He heard a gruff voice issuing the order.

"No!" An even more commanding voice objected instantly.

Gentle hands braced his arms, tugging him while another soothing voice urged him to get back to bed. But his strength all spent at this point, he could hardly feel his legs much less commanding them. Pain wracked his body. He let out a low moan.

Then the hands that were on him a minute ago withdrew. Around him, feet shuffled. Next, Lee found himself embraced by a pair of strong and comforting arms. The arms cradled him and drew him toward a solid and warm chest.

"Let me help you son." The commanding voice said to him. Lee felt himself being picked up, and carried to the bed he just escaped from. The arms gently laid him on the thin mattress.

"Lee, you are in Sickbay. Let these people help you." The voice continued reassuringly. "They're trying to give you fluids. You need them to get better."

What fluids? In his confused mind, the memory of a needle sticking in his arm was all too clear. At the thought of getting another injection, panic shot through Lee once again. He brought his arm into focus. Among the old scabbed over injection sites was a shiny needle still half buried in his flesh. Conflicting emotions overwhelmed him. Most of all, he was humiliated at being too weak to prevent this from happening. But there's a part of him hungry for what the needle would deliver. Afraid he would cave in to the temptation, Lee gave his last pitch effort to overcome it--he pulled at the needle with all his might. It came off with a force. Along with it, a gush of blood.

"That's it!" The gruff voice roared. "Get him under full restraints! And get that needle reinserted!"

Bodies swarmed him. Lee felt bonds were placed on his legs and wrists, and a hard object was pressed over his face once again. Struggle he did, but to no avail. Another cold sting penetrated his conscious.

"No! Please no!" He pleaded weakly, straining against the bonds. Fluids flowed freely from the needle into his veins.

"I can't have any more of this..." was the last thought Lee had before slipping into total darkness.

* * *

Lee's condition shook him.

When Bill got the report that his son was found and alive, he was much relieved. However, it only lasted until he met with Kara and her team that brought Lee back on the hanger deck. One look at his son had made his heart clench. Even though he had seen that snapshot of Lee looking thrashed, it wasn't enough to prepare him for what he saw.

Lee was frail. Bill didn't think it's possible that his athletic son can look this wasted in just four days. The cheekbones on Lee's face painfully jutted out, casting dark shadows over the sunken cheeks. Cuts and bruises mixed with dirt marred the pale skin. Lee still wore his fatigues, but they were bloodied, torn and filthy, and hung loosely on his body. Peeking through the sleeves were Lee's wrists, both adorned with band of purple and red bruises, startling against his ghostly pallor.

Before Bill had time to fuss over his son, Lee was whisked away to the Sickbay.

Without hesitation, Bill followed them closely, and only stopped when he got within feet away from the curtained area where they took his son. He knew behind that curtain, the medical team was busy treating Lee. He didn't want to get in their way.

That is, until he heard the commotions.

Rushing inside, Bill was confronted with a heart wrenching scene. Battling with the demon of addiction, his son was too confused to understand the people there were helping him. Bill shuddered to think what Lee went through in the past several days.

His heart lurched when Lee fell to the ground. He saw the medics tried to guide his son back to the bed. But it was obvious to him Lee was too weak to move at that point. He brushed off the medics and picked up Lee himself.

The moment he had Lee in his arms, Bill was overcome with the feeling that he was holding someone most precious to him; that this was someone he should treasure and protect with all of his life. Sadly he only apprehended this after he turned 60 years old.

Ironically, Bill was a natural born protector. He often felt responsible for many people--innocent civilians, his fellow officers, his soldiers... But if he was honest with himself, Bill never really considered Lee and Zak were his responsibilities in his younger days. Why should they be? He had left them safely at home in the care of their mother. It wasn't until recently on his 29th wedding anniversary, Bill faced with the shocking truth what a colossal mistake that was.

Bill tried to reassure Lee everything would be okay. But he botched the effort. His words only served to agitate his son further. Unshed tears stung his eyes when he witnessed Lee tore out the IV needle. He wanted to object when Cottle ordered his staff to put Lee under restraints, but he was pushed out of the way. In Sickbay, even an Admiral doesn't have much saying over the doctor...

Now sitting by Lee's bedside; watching his son's wrists and ankles chained to the bedrail, the restraints barely cover the grotesque bruises Lee suffered from the captivity, Bill's heart broke. He vowed silently that he would never allow harms come to Lee's way again, ever!

"Excuse me, Admiral." A quiet voice disturbed his vigil.

Looking up, Bill saw paramedic Ishay approaching him holding an object in hand.

"I found this in Major's tattered clothes, and thought maybe you should hold onto it." She handed whatever was in her hand to her Admiral.

Bill automatically extended his hand out, and felt the weight of the object as it fell into his palm...
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