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Dear lord!  I'm so envious!

Just found out hours ago that hubby has a student who got invited to a private viewing party of BSG season 4 premier on April 5!

The party was held at a private residence in Malibu.  Bradley Thompson, David Weddle, and a bunch of other writers were present.  So was the composer (the student didn't know his name, but from his description, it has to be Bear McCreary), and other post production people.  There was only ONE actor showed up.  It was Jamie Bamber!!!

The student, a US Marine officer, was invited to the party by Bradley Thompson.  He got to know the writer because last year, Bradley came to the school to give a talk about Battlestar Galactica.  Incidentally, I went to the talk as well, and wrote a report about the experience (see the thread discussion at The Adama Realm).  After the talk, Bradley handed out several of his business cards to people (he really was very nice).  I got one too! :b  But I never thought to contact him because I didn't want to bug the "poor" guy.

But the student had somehow got in touch with Bradley privately and invited him to his wedding last year.  And Bradley showed up!  Thus was the beginning of a friendship...

The student told me he had gotten a tour of the production office in LA, as well as Bradley Thompson and David Weddle's office.  He said the two writers have desks against each other, and they face each other everyday!  Bradley said he had worked with David for so long, longer than his past marriage(s) in fact!  Bradley jokingly dubbed it as the longest relationship he's ever had.  But one time, Bradley and David had gotten on each other's nerves, and had to go to professional counseling to resolve their differences! LOL

I had to ask the student what he thought of Jamie (by the way, Kerry was there too).  He said Jamie was very nice.  They talked about Jamie's experience with the Blue Angels.  Jamie was very proud of the fact he didn't throw up when the Blue Angel did the "stunts."  The student took the opportunity and paid compliment to Jamie, sincerely, that he thought Jamie's portrayal of a military officer was the best on the show!  I'm sure coming from a real Marine officer, that meant a lot to Jamie! :)

I couldn't help myself and asked him if he had found out any spoilers.  But then I followed with "Don't tell me!  Don't tell me!  I don't want to know!"  He laughed and said he didn't want to know either and didn't bother to dig.  Phew.

Being a Marine officer himself, he had asked Bradley how come there wasn't any *ranked* Marine in the Galactica universe?  Bradley said it wasn't a conscious decision.  They just never got around to include a Marine officer.  Presumably there were some running around, the audience just never got to meet them.

But then, in Escape Velocity, when Lee came to Baltar's rescue, telling him and his people they could go back inside, the Marine with the gun guarding the entrance wasn't going to relent until this big guy behind Lee told him to "stand back, Lieutenant!" -- that was the first ranked Marine we saw on the show!

Needless to say the student was very happy when he saw that, and wrote Bradley an email afterwards jokingly said that was his contribution to the show.  Bradley wrote him back saying he gets half of the credit! ;)  What a guy!

ETA: The party was held at the community center/club house of a residential area, not a private residence.
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