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BSG 4.06: Faith

I still couldn't quite get into the show, just like last week.

When Lee failed to make an appearance two weeks in a roll, with nary a glimpse in the next week's preview, my interest of this show is dwindling alarmingly.

However, Laura Roslin's scenes were emotionally intense, the only reason I stayed till the end.  I was glad at least one Adama showed up at the very end.  But all this is not enough to hold my attention.  Not anymore.

I'm getting impatient with each passing week, waiting for Lee's "awesome" story to take shape, only to be disappointed twice in a roll.  Have a heart -- there's only so few episodes left!

So the Heavy Raider Kara saw and followd back in Maelstrom was Leobans ship then...  She encountered and went through a time discontinuum, maybe?  The things she saw were events from future, huh?

Not that I cared very much at this point...

The hybrid's gibberish drabble annoyed me, in much the same way Leoban's craps did.   So annoyed in fact, I decided to see how much I could transcribe/understand what she said.

The following is what I heard (Italic words are the ones I'm not sure about.  I'm doing my best to figure out what she said, but it was hard):

The hybrid first appeared (in this episode) as Kara and others walked near the tub.
(voice too low to decern...)
Then shall the maiden rejoice with death.
Structural integrity is no exceptance (is this a word??)
The children of the one reborn shall find their own country.
Intruder swamp like flame, like the whirlwind.
Hope soar and they slaughtered their best against their selves. (I thought she said "elves" but that makes no sense)
Kara interjected with her question.  But the hybrid went on...
Replace internal control accumulators 4th through 19th.
They'll start grow ripe on us pretty soon.
Compartmentalizing integrity conflict with the obligation to provide access.
FTL synch fault uncorrected.
No ceremonies are necessary.
The scene cut away to Laura Roslin.  When they came back, hybrid continues:
Then shall the maiden rejoice with death.
Structural integrity of notes have been restored.
The children of the one reborn shall find their own country.
End of line.  Resent.
Track mode monitor malfunction.
Traced.  Recharge compresses.
Increase the output to 50%.
Assume the relaxation like the photons.
Not because it wishes.
Transfer contact is inevitable leading to information bleed.
FTL synch fault stands uncorrected.
No ceremonies are necessary.
Kara:  "I don't understand..." (Yeah, glad I'm not the only one)
Its intrinsic force reacts to the rotating frame of reference.
The obstinate toy soldier becomes pliant.
The city devours the land.
The people devours the city.
Leoban:  "You can't hurry her.  You have to absorb her words.  Allow them to caress your associative mind.  Don't expect the fact of two great races comes easily." (Leoban mumbles too, I couldn't hear him clearly)
Assume relaxation.
Note the photons and the satelites which appears constants.
Intruder swamp like flame.  The whirlwind.
Hope soaring to slaughter all their best against our selves. (again I thought she said "elves")
The scene cut to Demetrius briefly, and when back, the hybrid was still talking....
All these things at once and many more.
Not because it wishes harm.
Not because it likes violent viberation to change constantly.
(more of the low voiced grumbles...)
Eight came into the room telling everyone the place was rigged and they were ready to abandon the ship.  The hybrid's voice came back:
But you are a spark of God's fire.
Call up (or was it "Corrupt"?) the date complete.

Kara ranted.  Things happened.  Centurion rebelled.  Eight got shot. And hybrid continued:
Shadow will come to pass.
A dying leader will know the truth of the Opera House.
The missing three will give you the five,
who comes from the home of the 13th.
You are the Harbinger of death, Kara Thrace.
You'll lead them all to their death.
End of line.

Got all that?!  Well, me either!

So Laura is going to find the truth of the Opera House.  What is this continual link to music -- Kara's unseen father was a famous musician, "All Along the Watchtower" was a Cylon switch, and then there is the Opera House...

Not that I give a fig.

Will Cylon (the one reborn)'s children finally find a place to call home?  But what about the twelve planets these Cylons  took over?  Were those places so desolated that they have no use of them now?  At least one of these Cylon is from Earth.  This suggests he (I noticed Kara used the masculine pronoun when referring to the final one) was the first one made.  Guess the numbering doesn't reflect the order in which they were created.

Not that I'm curious about these answers.  I'm not even that interested in how and when they'll find Earth.  Without Lee, I'm checking out of this show...

Wake me up when that awesome Lee story starts.  ::yawn::

Until then, bye show (not planning to tune in next week)...


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May. 11th, 2008 09:17 am (UTC)
Heh, the hybrid's gibberish is pretty hilarious, taken out of context.


This is why I'm waiting until I have all of it before I watch...

Is Roslin dead yet, then?

(And I'm sure someone will tell you when Lee comes back with something to do, should it ever happen).
May. 12th, 2008 04:38 am (UTC)
Is Roslin dead yet, then?

No, Roslin isn't dead yet. If anything I think her resolve was strengthened with her vision. She's not afraid of death anymore, but she knew it's not her time to go yet.

The final scene between Adama and Roslin was very "cute" -- better than him being her audio book I think. And I was glad Bill mentioned Lee turning in his wing. It gave me a sense that although Bill was trying to be supportive of his son's choice, deep down, he was hurting... This makes more sense to me than Bill wholeheartedly embraced Lee's decision.

Let me know when Lee shows up again, will you? :\
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