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Bracing Self for What's Ahead

According to BuddyTV, a draw out mid season hiatus is looming over the horizon for BSG.

Face it, we all know it's coming for a long time.  But doesn't make it any less dreary to read about it.

On a higher note, just saw it at jamiebambernews that Jamie Bamber, along with his fellow actors/actresses, is submitted by TPTB to the Emmy committee for their consideration.


Jamie is up in the "Best Supporting Actor" category for his work in "Sine Qua Non", the upcoming episode in 2 weeks (frakking mini hiatus).  Other actors submitted for the same episode include:  Eddie (EJO) for "Best Actor", and Michael (MH) also for "Best Supporting Actor".  Mary, James, Tricia, Grace, and Katee are submitted for various episodes as well.  Complete list can be found here.

I'm left wondering if I'd get another *good* father-and-son scene in two weeks.
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