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Fashion Style Meme, Sorta

I'm procrastinating.

I really should be posting about my experience in Yosemite, and my thoughts on BSG's fabulous mid-season finale. But I saw this post fromo_yannik , and decided to take the test myself.

Your result for The Fashion Style Test ...

Glamorous Soul

39% Flamboyance, 47% Originality, 66% Deliberateness, 57% Sexiness

[Tasteful Original Deliberate Sexy]

You choose your outfits carefully according to many criteria. You don't like looking cheap, dull or random and you go to great lengths to avoid this. You are successful, too. People admire your taste and sex appeal. Many try to imitate you but not many can recreate your unique style. Sometimes, however, they find you too intimidating to approach. If you don't wear retro style yet, perhaps you should consider it. It would become greatly your sexy, mysterious self.

The opposite style from yours is Fashion Enemy [Flamboyant Conventional Random Prissy].

Take The Fashion Style Test at HelloQuizzy

I think this says I spend waaaaaaaaaaay too much money on clothes and shoes. :-|
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