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The Guardian, Pilot (Part 1 - 5)

I'm really bored with BSG being on hiatus.  I got my hands on some old recorded episodes of The Guardian, and I've converted the format into MPEG4 so that I can upload it on YouTube.

TG is a legal drama set in Pittsburgh.  It is not an ensemble cast show like BSG.  It features the central character Nick Fallin, along with his father Burton Fallin and alternative mentor/father figure Alvin Masterson.  Like BSG, the show has a very complicated father and son relationship. Through unique circumstance, Nick Fallin is forced to straddle two very different worlds--the world of corporate law and the world of children's legal service.  If anyone thinks Lee Adama has personal demons and faults, Nick Fallin is at least twice as much so.  Nick turns out to be a "guardian angel" who has long lost his halo.

So here it is--introducing the very first episode of the show--the Pilot.  Unfortunately YouTube limits the video length to 10 minutes.  Therefore I had to break the episode into 5 parts.

Background of the main character(s):

Nick Fallin is a hotshot corporate attorney who was caught using drugs. Since he's a first time offender and the son of a prominent corporate lawyer Burton Fallin, the judge (who is a personal friend of Fallin Senior) sentenced Nick to 1500 hours of community service working for Children's Legal Service of Pittsburgh as his probation.

While on probation working at Children's Legal Service, Nick also is working at the law firm Fallin & Associates headed by his father. Nick has a very uneasy relationship with his Dad Burton Fallin. Nick's mom Ann died while he was 11 or 12 years old from cancer. Prior to that Burton had just divorced Ann but stayed behind to look after her since she was sick. However Burton, who came from a blue collar background, was working really hard in building his career, so he was hardly home. This was also a reason that the marriage failed (the show implied that Burton got a head start in his career after his marriage to Ann, who came from a well-to-do and well-connected family).

When Ann died, it was young Nick who found her since Burton was at work. Nick was very close to his mother and idolized her. So her death was a traumatic experience for him. After Ann's death, instead of getting closer with his only child, Burton sent Nick away to boarding schools while he continued working hard and building his law firm. This led to a strained relationship between Nick and Burton, and Nick grew up to be a man who held his emotions tightly in check and thus had trouble relating to people.  Outwardly, Nick appears nothing "sticks" with him ("teflon man"), and he often comes off to people as being arrogant. Maybe due to his troubled past, Nick has a natural affinity with those troubled kids he tried to help.


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Apr. 15th, 2007 10:29 am (UTC)
The Guardian Pilot
Hi X,

I finally got to watch this episode. You did such a great job with that :) I enjoyed watching it again so much and to finally hear the original voices was great. :)

I love this ep so much. Nick looks so lost all the time, even when he's smiling ... it's surprising his father never seems to see it. Reminds me of another screwed father-son-relationship ;)

And the part about Hunter just broke my heart all over again *sniff*

Thank you for giving us the chance to see this great show again :)

Apr. 16th, 2007 02:44 am (UTC)
Re: The Guardian Pilot
Nick looks so lost all the time, even when he's smiling ... it's surprising his father never seems to see it. Reminds me of another screwed father-son-relationship ;)

Isn't it so!!! Silke, glad you enjoyed the episode, and thanks for commenting on it. :) Burton and Nick's non-communicative way reminds me so much of Bill and Lee! I love it when Burton goes: "Nicolas, my office!" Even when Burton was trying to praise Nick on a job well done, he made it look like a usual dressing down for Nick. And he's compliment was given so offhandedly--"Nick, look me in the eye... We got the account, it's not the time for apologies!"

Lately I've been having this thought in my head since I started re-watching The Guardian that if Lee didn't grew up with the responsibilities of taking care of a younger brother, and if he didn't have the military discipline, he could've turned out to be someone like Nick!

Lee and Nick are similar in so many ways--both men are pragmatic, and they both are able to keep emotions at bay; both of them are decent men who strive to do the right things by utilizing the available resources, and they both are trying to overcome their inner weaknesses; both of them struggle to step out of their fathers' shadows, and both men have their own set of moral codes to live by!

However, there are essential differences between Lee and Nick--Lee is someone who's very aware of his responsibilities from the beginning; whereas Nick didn't have anyone depend on him until he started to advocate for these children. In my opinion, Nick is much more screwed-up than Lee, and he's having a much harder time wrestling with his inner demons than Lee does.

By the way, about Nick's smile--it's far too short and sparse--but what a "killer smile" it is! :-b

Just so you know--I forgot to announce it at AR, but I've also put up the second episode Lolita this past Tuesday (April 10). Click on the date from the calendar on the left column, it will take you to that post. Hope you'll enjoy watching that one too--it has one of my favorite scenes where Nick and Barbara form their friendship! I LOVE Barbara!

And the part about Hunter just broke my heart all over again *sniff*

Yeah, poor Hunter! This coming Tuesday, I'm going to post the Reunion episode where Hunter's story arc continues!

One last thing, when Nick said to Hunter's dad: "If I have a son like that, I would want to get to know him, and have him to know me..." *sniff* My heart bleeds for both Hunter and Nick--Nick was so talking about his missed chance with his own father here!
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