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The Mentalist Premier: Pilot

Hello journal, it has been a while.  The last entry I posted was before I went to Beijing to see the Olympics two months ago.  I haven't been online much since then.  I'm sure I'm quite forgotten by now.

Another thing I haven't done lately either was watching TV since BSG went on hiatus in June.  But tonight, I broke my abstinence at last, and it's all because The Mentalist premiered on CBS!

I confess: before Jamie Bamber, before Lee, it was Simon Baker and his alter ego Nick Fallin that was my obsession.  Never mind the two actors couldn't have been more different other than the "easy on the eye thing".  Anyway, I learned the news of Simon's upcoming new project on CBS way back in May, and I've been waiting patiently for it to air ever since.

But I almost forgot about the premier had I not caught the local radio host plugging for it on my way to work this morning.  My ears pricked up immediately when Simon's name was mentioned.  I was delighted when the host all but admitted he finds the new show promising because of its star.  Apparently the host not only knew who Simon was, he liked him as well!

Now that I've seen the premier, I incline to agree with the radio host.

Yes, like The Guardian, Simon carries the show.

As a crime story, the mystery, the twist was all too predictable for me.  But I was captivated the entire time by Simon's character Patrick Jane.  Unlike The Guardian, Simon easily flashes his killer smile here, lending an irresistible charm to the character.  Adding the sassy attitude, the keen intelligence, and a dose of prickishness, Patrick Jane is a likable scoundrel, who with a traumatizing personal tragedy (possibly brought on by his own conceit) is a man trying to redeem himself through his work.

Also I liked Robin Tunney's character Teresa Lisbon.  Although taking on the traditional responsible "by-the-book" female counter part, she played off well against Patrick IMO.  Even though it's only the first episode, the tension is there already.

In short words, I'm definitely tuning in next week. 

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