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Why Does It Have to Be So Confusing?!

My son's nose got hit by a baseball yesterday, hard.  Took him to see his doctor this morning.  The pediatrician ordered an x-ray to make sure nothing is broken.  Fine.  I asked him to write the request for the hospital that is on my insurance's Preferred list.  Makes sense right?

We made our way to the hospital's lab.  Only when checking in, the nurse at the counter told me the doctor didn't write down his diagnosis, and they can't take x-ray without it.  Unfortunately it was around noon and the doctor's office was closed for lunch.  She said we had to come back another time.  This is ridiculous!  I don't want to come back another time.  Why is this so complicated?!  The kid got hit on the nose, his doctor can't make a final diagnose until he sees the x-ray!

After arguing for a few minutes, another nurse relented.  She decided to write down "trauma" as the diagnosis so that they can have the technician take the damn pictures.


That's when the first nurse took out another piece of paper:  "You do know that although the hospital is on your insurance's preferred list, the x-ray lab isn't, don't you?"

"What?  How come the hospital is preferred, but its lab isn't?!"

"Well, actually the lab is preferred also.  It's just the Radiologist whose going to read the x-ray isn't!"

"Huh?!" #@?!

What am I gonna do at this point?!  Go to a different lab?  There's no guarantee the same situation won't happen again.  So I suck up and paid extra money to get the x-ray taken.

Good thing the doctor confirmed later in the afternoon that nothing is broken.  Hooray!  Really hate to get sick in this country.
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