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Crossroads II Screencaps

I think I'll start my very first journal entry with the screencaps I made for Battlestar Galactic season 3 finale Crossroads II.  As all things come down to Lee Adama for me, the caps are ALL about Lee! :)

Scene One:  Mistrial

Scene Two:  Gaeta's Lying

Scene Three:  Put on the Stand

I love how the next one is almost the same as the previous one, but Lee's expressions in these two are so different: he was almost defiant/accusatory in the first one, but sad/guilty in the second.  These two frames are literarily seconds apart. (I think the difference is made by those expressive eyes)

Scene Four:  Not Guilty!

Scene Five:  Who's in Viper 3?

Umm, Dee has moved out with her stuff.  What's up with that pink clothes hanging in the locker?!

Gleeeee, Apollo launches off!

Phew!  That's it! :-)
Tags: battlestar galactica, bsg screencaps, lee adama
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