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Ron Moore: You Suck!

Saw a Twitter post from ProgGrrl (thank you asta77 for pointing me to Twitter): apparently Ron Moore made a cameo appearance on CSI last night, shouting (what else):  YOU SUCK!

Courtesy of ProgGrrl:


Also, triniroslin15 made a post detailing other BSG alums' cameos as well (Grace Park was in the middle of the picture, but Ron's head later obscured her).

I had no idea Bradley Thompson and David Weedle wrote this CSI episode.  I was actually watching it last night.  Well, sort of (my attention was elsewhere reading a Supernatural fanfic).  So I missed most of the show except the conversation regarding what is Scifi (Mr. Ed), and what is Fantasy (traveling faster than the speed of light).  Now I must hunt down this episode, damn it!
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