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It's Super ♥ Thursday!

To start off, I must say I'm so very excited for tomorrow.  What's happening?  Well, BSG producer/writers Toni Graphia, David Weddle, and Bradley Thompson are coming to campus to give a panel discussion titled: "Battlestar Galactica and Beyond: Reflections on Futures."  I was delighted to meet Bradley Thompson the last time he came here two years ago.  I can't wait to see him again and listen to what he has to say!

I also did something today I never imagined I would do: evening_spirit convinced me to sign up to do the art work for Supernatural's Big Bang Challenge!  Eeeeek!  *Panicking a little*  Thanks hon for your encouragement and vote of confidence...

Now, back to the main reason why Thursday is super, Supernatural that is.  Tonight is the new episode Rapture where the brothers Dean gets to help Castiel! ♥ x-D
Tags: battlestar galactica, big bang, supernatural
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