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Supernatural Gets a New Lead-in

Flyby post:  I just saw that CW announced new Thursday line-up:  The Vampire Diaries (new series) shows at 8pm, followed by Supernatural at 9pm.

I looked up the premises of Vampire, and it looks to me like it's trying to get on the bandwagon of the popular "Twilight" verse.  To be honest, my interest in it is very low.  But I think it's telling that the network put it before Supernatural.  I'm sure TPTB is hoping to "cash in" on the success of our show.

I wonder how much, if any, loosing Smallville as the lead-in will affect Supernatural.  The numbers from season 4 indicate there's hardly significant lose-of-viewership from 8pm to 9pm.  So our show holds pretty well on its own.  On the other hand, I'm more worried at the news Fringe is moving to 9pm on Thursday.  Oh joy, yet another tough competition for my favorite show.

Question is, what's happening with Smallville?
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