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The Guardian, Lolita (Part 1 - 5)

Today is Tuesday! Time to post another episode of The Guardian. This one is titled Lolita.  Here's a brief synopsis of the episode:

Working as child advocate for Children's Legal Service (CLS), Nick must place a teenage girl who accused her stepfather of rape in a suitable home. On the corporate business side, Nick tries to convince his dad Burton Fallin to take a client who has ties to Burton's past. Also in this episode, Nick forms an unlikely friendship with Barbara, the secretary at CLS.

Interesting facts learned from this episode:
  • The Fallins are from Denora, a blue collar town near Pittsburgh, but Nick doesn't identify with that side of the family.
  • Barbara likes to drink coffee, and won't hesitate to ask some lawyer to get it for her! ;-)
  • Nick can deadpan like no other!
  • Barbara thinks old man Clayton is a regular Richard Cory, and he ran a crappy fiefdom.
  • Barbara can dance!
  • Apparently lawyers don't dance in public!
  • Nick's office at CLS is formally a broom closet.
  • Nick is loosing $350,000 billable hours working in CLS -- that translates to roughly $233 per hour!

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