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An Interview of MBV's Patrick Lussier

Saw an online exclusive interview of My Bloody Valentine's director Patrick Lussier today.  The full length article can be found here @ mania.  There is a major spoiler 2/3 down in case anyone haven't seen the movie.

[other parts of the interview snipped...]

Mania: We all know Jensen Ackles from the hit show Supernatural and playing the monster hunter. But here he really seemed to get into playing the role of the villain. What did you discuss with him as far as his approach to the role?
Lussier: So this is the big SPOILER question... Biggest thing we discussed was that Tom was a good guy. A guy who wasn't sly, wasn't trying to be sneaky. He was the unrequited lost lover of Jaime King's character, the rival to Axel (played by Kerr Smith), the prodigal son returned home from points unknown. We were careful to never present him as having any hidden villainy. He was trying to do the right thing, to reclaim a life derailed. Just so happened his past torments have haunted him in a way that he doesn't even realize. Jensen was great at walking that fine line between sympathetic and crazy, guarded and malicious. He is ultimately more tragic than evil.   Yet, in the end, he's still an unrepentant bad ass.
Mania: With its great success, are there any plans for a sequel to My Bloody Valentine 3D? 
Lussier: There are plans but no intentions. Todd and I along with Jaime, Kerr, Jensen and Edi would love to climb aboard the continuing adventures of the Miner. But for now, there are no plans to do so. Maybe down the road. Maybe. That's up to Lionsgate who have said they aren't interested at this time. So for now we're all moving on to other projects..

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