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My Favorite OTPs

Gakked from xbeyondinsanex here's yet another meme.  This one is delayed by a couple of days because I simply don't have time.

Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

Okay, this meme is slightly altered.  I don't watch that many tv shows anymore.  So my fandoms include movies as well.

Also, I don't always look for romantic relationship in a story.  I appreciate portrayals of lasting friendship, brotherhood loyalty, or filial responsibility as much as smooching romances.  With that being said, the pairs I listed below are not always a couple -- notice the difference between "comma" and "slash" between my pairs:

1) Dean, Sam ...... Supernatural (tv)

The boys own my heart at the moment.  Dean and Sam are all kinds of awesome.  The trials and tribulations they go through essentially are testaments to the love and devotion they have for one another.  As siblings, they complement each other in every way.  That at times can cause frictions between them.  But in the end, Dean is always there for Sam, safeguarding the brother he sworn to protect.  Because, like Dean said:  "We are brothers!  We are family."

2) Lee, Bill ...... Battlestar Galactica (tv)

This father-and-son relationship has gone through many stages.  From the initial estrangement to the lasting mutual respect, both characters have grown in their respective roles.  Lee, as the son, matures from an angry and rebellious "adolescent" into the confident, know-what-he-wants "man of the world."  Bill, on the other hand, starts out as a lonely old man on the brink of retirement.  Throughout the journey, he regains his youth and becomes the father he never was when he was younger.

3) Apollo/Starbuck ...... Battlestar Galactica (tv)

Lee/Kara together are nothing but toxic.  But as Apollo and Starbuck, they dance around and drawn toward each other like two pieces of magnets.  I confess I'm not a big Kara fan.  The character imo is so overly written for dramatic effects that she stopped making sense to me.  However even I couldn't deny these pilots simply light up the "space" whenever they are in each other's orbit.

4) Titus Pullo, Lucius Vorenus ...... Rome (tv miniseries)

This friendship withstood the test of time and war where the two men were forced to serve different masters on opposite sides.  Whenever I think one, I think of the other, and have an urge to shout as Pullo did: "13th!" (the designation of the legion where both once served and became friends).  Pullo, the rash but brave and loyal soldier is the perfect counterpart to the honorable, serious and high tempered Verenus.

5) Mark Anthony/Atia ...... Rome (tv miniseries)

Forget about Mark Anthony and Cleopatra.  It's the gloriously scheming Atia of the Julii who has Anthony's heart.  At least I'm convinced of it.  Atia, in many ways, amoral and manipulative as she is, represents his beloved Rome to Anthony.  As such, this affair was doomed.  Ambition, war, and loyalty all stood in its way.  Still, when these two are together, they are sinfully passionate.

6) Horatio/Archie ...... Horatio Hornblower (tv miniseries)

British sailor boys on a ship, need I say more?  From sea battles to Spanish prisons, the adventures of these two friends had me engrossed.  And yes, I do mean "slash" not "comma" here.  My interest in the series however, went away when Archie was...well, gone.

7) Aragon/Arwen ...... Lord of the Ring Trilogy (film)

Ahhh, the majestic Aragon and the beautiful Arwen.  That moonlight scene in the garden of Rivendell where Arwen gave Aragon her Evenstar appeased my romantic instinct.  But it was when Arwen chose mortality, despite knowing she'd outlive Aragon and spend her remaining years in loneliness, had me root for the couple.  In the end, forget about the kingdom, it is the fair maiden, who is the crowning prize for Aragon's valor.

8) Frodo, Sam ...... Lord of the Ring Trilogy (film)

Here's another story of friendship and devotion.  In essence, it's Sam's allegiance to Frodo that saved the day for everyone at the end.  The part where Sam told Frodo although he couldn't fulfill Frodo's fate for him, he could at least carry Frodo to meet his destiny had me in tears.  I love the notion that the actions from commonplace people can make a huge difference too, and that loyalty, along with bravery, plays a decisive part in conquering an insurmountable feat.

9) Amadeus, Salieri ...... Amadeus (film)

Does Amadeus even have a fandom?  Never mind, it's one of my favorite of all time, so I'm including it on my list.  I understand this is a very odd pairing.  These two weren't even nice to each other.  But they were inevitably linked by their own fate.  The contrast between the two men, the way Salieri intrinsically understood Mozart's music, at the same time so jealous of the talent that eluded his own grasp, has always brought me to tears.

10) Natasha/Andrei ...... War and Peace (film)

Again I'm not even sure this belongs to a fandom.  But I've always loved the pair.  I love the girl crush Natasha had on the brooding Prince, and the way the vivacious girl reignited the passion hidden inside the lonely man.  Their courtship was angsty and tender at the same time.  Unfortunately the relationship failed because of Natasha's immaturity and Prince Andrei's pride.  But Natasha loved Andrei to the end.  And I simply couldn't stop crying at Andrei's death scene.

Alright, I'm afraid to ask what does this list say about me.  That I'm a big fan of Jensen Ackles, and Jamie Bamber?  That I don't watch enough TV?  ;-)

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