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The Things I've Learned Today

Let's see, start with felisblanco I've learned how to cross post between LiveJournal and DreamWidth.  This is my test to see if I can get it to work.  (ETA: it worked for the most part.  The <lj user> tag didn't work.  And since I have different mood theme at DW, it didn't work either.)

Then it was the superfantastilicious evening_spirit who gave me valuable pointers on Photoshop usage.

Last but not least, layne67 reminded me it's the International Children's Day today!  I almost forgot about it after living in the U.S. for so long.  I remember back when I was a child, it was such a big deal 'coz that was the day I got to wear new clothes, and it usually was the first day in the year when I was allowed to wear a skirt! :p

To all you lovelies above, THANK YOU! *hugs*

Now, a little blurb about the movie I saw last night.  My girlfriend and her whole family showed up at my door in the evening yesterday and dragged us to the movie theater.  The two big boys all wanted to see T4.  I'm not exactly a Terminator fan, but I'm recently intrigued by TSCC.  Plus there's a bit of personal history involved:  on my honeymoon years ago, hubby dragged me to the theater to watch T2 (while we were in Hawaii no less).  How "romantic" huh? *eye roll*

I'm actually surprised it's a lot better than I anticipated.  I like the darker theme through out the movie.  My son kept asking me afterward why it is called "Salvation" if the war is still raging at the end.  My take is the real "salvation" for mankind is making the right choices and having a second chance.  The soul of the movie, I think, is about choices.  Well, the machines don't have any because they are programed.  But the humans and the hybrid do.  We've shown a lot of the humans here are bad guys because of the choices they made.  The machines on the other hand are just deadly, but not necessarily evil.

On the shallower side, I'm quite taken with Marcus, played by Aussie actor Sam Worthington.  Christian Bale was not shabby, but it was Worthington who captured my attention last night.

One question though, I wonder how does TS fit into the TSCC verse.  Anyone know?

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