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Saturday Conversations w/ My Nine Year Old...

@ On the way to his Piano lesson:

My Son: "Mom, you know, I made my character on Guitar Hero look like Dean."
Me (driving): "Erm... how?"
My Son: "Well, he's wearing blue jeans, and a jacket. And he has short hair.  I just need to know what his eye color is."
Me: "Green."
My Son: "Oh, I need to make a change then."
Me: "Okay..."
My Son: "Wanna me to show you? I'll play Eye of the Tiger for you."
Me (still driving): "Fine, but clean your room first."
My Son: "Awww, mom! At least let me show you my character."
Me: "Clean your room first!"

@ Picking up the dry cleans:

Attendant: "Hey, A***!  Long time no see.  How have you been?"
My Son: "Fine, just the normal life."
Attendant burst out laughing...
Me (was concentrating on checking the clothes): "What?  What did he say?"

@ Having lunch, and telling hubby about our friends' kids' puppy love:

Me: "...and so, Elijah is really sad they are moving away, and he won't be able to go to the same school with Ari anymore."
Hubby: "Well, I'm sure he'll find plenty of other girls in Los Angeles..."
My Son (jumping in suddenly): "You can't find love, you know.  Love will find you.  Unexpectedly."

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