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Jamie Hotness

This is a rather frivolous post that feeds my shallowness. :-b

Thanks to asta77   over at bamber_news   for providing the link, and thanks to dryope   who actually found these highres pictures, I got to see some nice Bamber Goodies  (pictures of Jamie Bamber's appearance at GLAAD Awards ceremony).

Since dryope   doesn't mind people spreading Jamie's hotness, I'm reposting some of my favorite pictures here (the original highres versions and many more can be found at her journal):

Click for enlarged images

  • I always love to see pictures of Jamie and Kerry together--they make a such beautiful couple! :b
  • I had to giggle at the pic where Jerry O'Connell is looking at Jamie so *intentely*! ;)
  • I love Jamie's whole getup--the sweater and all--Jamie looked especially good in that grey suit!
  • I do prefer Jamie clean-shaven, but even the scruffiness cannot hide his prettiness! :b
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