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Home Sweet Home

I'm baaaaaaaack!  Finally. *g*

Had a wonderful time in Europe, but it seemed I was away for a long time, like forever (guess you can say I suffered LJ withdrawal while I was gone).  As predicted, I didn't have any internet connection during my trip.  Actually, a couple of hotels I stayed provided free internet.  But they required cable connections.  Since I brought my MacBook Air that only has wireless port, I was screwed.

I really really missed my flist, catching J2 and SPN news, and reading fanfictions.  Looks like I have loads of catching up to do.

To everyone who left comments on my previous post, a big THANK YOU! *hugs tight*

And a very belated Happy Birthday to the lovely dreams_of_honey  ♥ (I had no idea you and my son share the same b'day!)

After I get over my jetlag (i.e. I'm human enough to organize my thoughts), I'll start working on my travel log...
Tags: a box of chocolates, vacation
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