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The Guardian, Reunion (Part 1 - 5)

Today is Tuesday again.  I woke up feeling rather sad because of the aftermath of yesterday's tragic shooting rampage at Virginia Tech where a gunman killed 33 people including himself.

Then I was greeted by the announcement made byfalconer17  atbamber_news  of the very drool-worthy pictures of Jamie & Tricia from the Calabasas Statement magazine that she posted at falcy's scroll.

But, as I said earlier--today is Tuesday. So it means time to switch on my Guardian hat and post another episode. This one is called Reunion, and it is the continuation of the Hunter story arc we've seen since the pilot. Also in this episode, there is the story line involving James and his nephew.

It's been awhile since I've seen this. I forgot how "naughty" Nick can be!
Tags: jamie bamber, the guardian
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