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Sneak Peek at Supernatural 5.04

Okay, I don't do this often, as matter of fact, never before. But I'm overly excited about the 4th episode of Season 5. It's scheduled to air on Thursday, October 1. Before then, here's a peek at some of the episode stills that are just released. Being a Dean!girl, I'm only reposting those that featured Dean. For a complete list, check out here @ SF Universe (beware of spoilers).

Hmmm, this future town looks deserted.  Heh, I noticed the theater was playing "Route 666" (click for hires)

Eeeeek, Dean is being chased by...not fangirls!  (click for hires)
Here's an additional picture of Dean running.  I just LUV Dean in motion.  Thanks anastdean
WTH! Why is an angel doing buddhist meditation?  Dean looks stunned.  That poster on the wall is a nice touch btw.

The stuffed animal saddens me (click for hires)... :(

OMG!  Dean with big gun, and drop leg holster...  *fans self* (click for hires.  Thanks ckll )

How can a man look this pretty framed by a broken window? (click for hires.  Thanks anastdean )

Did I say commando!Dean is hot?  Dean looks positively commanding here. Add a scruffy Castiel, I can stare at this picture all day.


ETA:  additional links to hires pictures are added, courtesy of anastdean!  Thanks hon *blowing kisses your way*
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