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Spoilery Promo Screencaps, Stills & Speculations (SPN)

As indicated in my last entry, I intend to make a separate post for the screencaps I made of the "SOON" promo at the end of last episode.  Since then, I've collected several episode 5.07 stills as well.  So here are those pictures (click to enlarge), along with my personal speculations...

Poor Sam!  Guess this is where they get trapped in an infamous Japanese Live show? \o/

Even Dean says "Ouch!"  Silently of course...

And now they are on the set of a sitcom maybe?  Look at the size of that sandwich!

Even Dean knows he can't be expected to eat all that...

Hee, love both boys' open mouthed stunned look...

Impressed by what they saw?

Oh Dean, you are so pretty, but whacha doing?!  Are you about to...make a deal...again?

This is not good...

So not good...  But on the shallow side, I love it when Dean's face is lit up by a nearby flame.  Every. Single. Time.

Dean?! \o/

Doctor Sam and Dean?  Are they on "Grey's Anatomy" now?  Um, are we gonna see JDM, show?

Looks like they trapped another archangel.  Damn, this set is pretty.  Fire and water.  Is that a freaking pool in the middle of the warehouse?

Pretty and angsty.  What more could I ask...

Dean and sunglasses...  Swoon...

Er, David Carusso?  Now they are on CSI: Miami, LOL!

And now, here are some episode 5.07 "Curious Case of Dean Winchester" stills I ran across:

In this last picture, looks like Bobby is driving the truck.  Does this mean he's no longer wheelchair bound?  Hmmm, coupled with the promo clip we saw last week, I suspect Dean here made a deal with either a Demon or an Angel at a gaming hall to fix Bobby that caused his premature aging.

Last but not least, I ran across an animated gif that just KILLED me.  I understand it's made from the promo clip of tonight's episode "I Believe Children Are Our Future".  I for one cannot wait...

Disclaimer:  Don't know who made this.  If it's yours, please let me know so I can credit you properly.
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