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Supernatural Official Magazine #13

Recently I acquired a scanner at home. And today I picked up a copy of the latest Supernatural Official Magazine at the book store. Putting two and two together, I scanned my favorite article to test out my new gadget. I'd like to share it here with my oversea flist members who may not be able to get the magazine. First, here is the cover (click image for highres):

Supernatural Magazine Cover

(WARNING: Image heavy, this may take awhile. Click each page for highres images)

J2 Interview page 1J2 Interview page 2

J2 Interview page 3J2 Interview page 4

J2 Interview page 5J2 Interview page 6

J2 Interview page 7J2 Interview page 8

See more scans (Jim Parrack Interview) follow the link
Tags: jared padalecki, jensen ackles, spn magazines, supernatural
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