xwacky (xwacky) wrote,

Merry Christmas ♥

To all my dear friends:

Unfortunately I lack the time and talent to make a beautiful personalized Dean and Sam greeting to celebrate the occasion.  Still I want to wish you all a happy holiday.  Hope you enjoy every moment you spend with your loved ones. *huggles*

And dreams_of_honey dear, thank you so much for the lovely Bear Claus! ♥

But guess what?! Although I don't have the talent to make anything creative this year, I wished the ever awesome adrenalineshots would write a hurt!Dean fic for the holiday. To prove her awesomeness, she ended up writing not one (where Dean's not having any luck after leaving 'TV Land') but two (where there's Nasty Hell flashbacks and huguity hugs)! What an expected treat and I'm hugging both fics close to my heart!
Tags: holidays, recs, spn fic
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