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Ron Moore's Crossroad II Podcast

I've been wanting to listen to Ron Moore's Crossroad II podcast for a long time.  First, it was delayed in its release.  Then I just simply couldn't find the time to listen once it was up.

My feeling toward the episode was a little mixed.  Overall, I loved it--everything that had to do with Baltar's trial and Lee's great moments were the saving grace IMHO.  The B-story line about the identities of the final five (four in fact) cylons was somewhat interesting too.  But there were things I was not entirely too sure with.  In particular I wasn't too thrilled with the music being part of the story.  I think the idea sounded cool vaguely on the storyboard.  But in execution, it appeared too far-fetched and extraneous to me--I couldn't see how it tied in with the overall story line.  So I was hoping Ron Moore would clarify his intentions in the podcast.  Another point I was hoping to get more information on was the final moments of the episode--where was Ron going with this?  I had heard there were alternative endings filmed.  So I was hoping the podcast would shed some light on Ron's thinking process.

I ended up listening to this podcast in several chunks.  Surprisingly, I found my takes and interpretations in general were pretty much in line with what Ron had to say.  And not surprisingly the podcast didn't give any concrete answers to my questions.  However I did form some stronger convictions based on what Ron said.


After the prerequisite introductions, Ron talked about how things from Crossroad II got moved up to Crossroads I because the initial cut was 20 minutes over, and he didn't want to ask the studio for another half hour overtime this time around.  He talked about the opening scene of Adama's phone call with Laura being his favorite scene of the season.  Ron said he loved Adama shaving--the mundaneness of it, and used it as a recurring motif since 33.  He said he added this scene in himself, and it was supposed to be followed by Laura Roslin's Press Conference, but the conference was moved to the end of the last episode.  I did like this scene when I first watched the episode, and thought it nicely  portrayed the easy friendly relationship existed between the two leaders nowadays.  Ron's clarification put the dialog (Roslin: "I don't think I can face them."  Adama: "Don't let them see you sweat") in much better context.  Personally, seeing the recurrence of Adama shaving throughout the series had given me the impression he's someone who's very careful with appearances.  So for him to let go of the shaving and grow a mustache tells me how despondent Bill was during the year in which the colonists settled on New Caprica.  Also it gives depth to his reaction to Lee at the beginning of Season 3.  "Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror lately?"  I see that these are not just some snarky words he threw at Lee--He really thought less of Lee because how Lee looked.  He equated Lee's weight gain with weakness, and it was even harder for him to listen to Lee's voice of reason because he had mentally dismissed his son as being weak.

After the opening scene Ron talked about how they were originally going to have Tyrol hear the music in part I as well, but switched things around so they'll have one more surprise (to reveal) in this episode.  Anders and Tori's affair was supposed to be a surprise as well.  But Ron accidentally "spilled the beans" in part I's podcast by referring to a cut scene between Laura and Tori where the affair was mentioned (oops).  Originally, Tyrol was going to walk down Galactica's corridor rocking his restless baby Nicky, and chance meeting another parent Sharon (or maybe it was Helo, Ron couldn't remember exactly who) doing the same thing with baby Hera.  Then Tyrol was supposed to hear this odd music, and it was connected to Nicky, and thus to him.  So he kept going back to that quarter of the ship where he heard the music.  But all those ideas were abandoned except the scene where Tyrol went back to the spot for the second time without Nicky.  Personally, I think a chance meeting between Tyrol and Sharon would be cool, especially when they each have their baby with them--a connection between Hera and Nicky can be established as well.

Next Ron talked about the "we need a mistrial" scene.  He mentioned the scene was actually a lot longer, and he was there when this scene was filmed.  Ron commented that all three actors were "at the top of their games", to which I heartily agree!  Originally Ron had planned at story stage to have Lampkin manipulate Lee into forcing a mistrial.  Under Lampkin's manipulation, Lee was eventually going to take some actions and reveal things that would cause a mistrial.  Lee would only realize at the last second that he was being manipulated this entire time, but there wasn't anything he could've done at that point except to forge forward with the mistrial.  Thankfully, the idea got changed around a bit, and they toned down the manipulation part.  I see they still went for the mistrial, but Lee was the one who first suggested it here, and Lampkin only used it as a tactic to get Lee on the stand.  I'm glad that no mistrial was given, and we had a clear verdict.  When the trial heated up in the court room, I'm also especially happy that Lee steadfastly refused to betray his father as always.

Ron mentioned that there was this whole backstory of Anders signing up to be a nugget and wanting to take over Kara's place.  He moved into Kara's Junior Officers' quarter--slept in her bunk and took over her locker.  Uhm, truthfully I find this revelation to be somewhat interesting--is Ron planning on bringing Kara back as Starbuck?  The fact he had this story of Anders on his way at being the "new Starbuck" seems to me that Ron has other plans for Kara.  Also Anders appears as promiscuous as his recently deceased wife--he's obviously having no qualm about sleeping with Tori (and Seelix if I wasn't mistaken with the looks she gave Anders/Tori) in his wife's old bed.

Ron said he intentionally sprinkled lyrics of All Along the Watchtower through the episode starting at the inter-cut scenes between Tyrol and Anders/Tori.  Tyrol was the first one to say the line from the song:  "There must be some way out of here."  I did notice the lyrics being used here when I first watched the episode.  But I admit the only reason I recognized them was because I studied the song closely after some shrewd fans online connected the song with the cryptic spoiler given in Chicago Tribune.  Mrs Ron said she didn't catch the lyrics at all, and Ron mentioned some people in the audience at the Frak Party did indeed pick up on the lyrics.  He maintained his belief that this song was familiar to people and the audience would make the connection.  Bless Mrs. Ron's heart--she correctly guessed that those people recognized the song because they were already aware of the massive and explicit spoilers floated on the internet long before the episode was even aired!

Act I

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