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The Boys Are Back

The winter hiatus is over! Supernatural is coming back tonight on CW.  The collective sigh echoed throughout fandom is heard even in Twitterland:  #TheBoysAreBack was reportedly among the top 10 trending topic this morning until it was blocked.  The "funny" thing is I'm so used to long drawn out hiatus from watching Battlestar Galactica, two months of waiting felt like nothing to me these days.

Still, I'm excited.  And I've been thinking about the show and season 5 lately, especially after seeing the Favorite Scene picspam by  layne67 last night.  In particular, I was pondering over my favorite episode "The End" and the mid season cliffhanger "Abandon All Hopes" (note both episodes are written by Ben Edlund) when a small light bulb went off in my head:

WARNING: 5.04 & 5.10 spoilers alert --  A burning question from 5.04 for me is whether or not the future that Dean saw is real and inevitable?  The parting shot Lucifer!Sam left for Dean was particularly troublesome (He said: Whatever you do, you will always end up... here. No matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, *we* will always end up... here.).  The "here" Lucifer!Sam was talking about of course was Dean's death resulted from his failed attempt in killing Lucifer with the Colt.

Now fast forward to 5.10.  An important truefax we (as well as the protagonists) learned in this episode is that the Colt cannot harm Lucifer.  With that in mind, that particular slice of "future" in 5.04 where the protagonists plotted to kill Lucifer!Sam with the Colt is no longer valid. Why would these Resistance Fighters plan an assault with a weapon they knew to be useless, right?  So is it true we have it implied in canon that Lucifer!Sam's claim on the future is false?!

ETA:  Is this the Valentine's episode? \o/

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