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Supernatural Official Magazine #14

Has it been a month already?  Feels like it was only last week I scanned in a couple of interviews from the Supernatural Official magazine.  Already a new issue (#14) has come out.  Yesterday I went and got a copy.  So here it is:

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I apologize for the crappy text on the last insert article.  Here's the actual text if you have a hard time reading them from the image:


Jensen Ackles informed us that his favorite weapon to handle on the show is the .45 caliber Colt 1911 with ivory grips.  "I've taken out another one like it and shot it for real," he said.  "Jared and I go down to Washington -- we have a buddy there who has a gun range -- and we shoot."  But he's yet to try that out with one of the little sawn-off shotguns with the pistol grips that the Winchesters use.  "That'd be funny," he remarked, "because with that amount of blast and that little weight, if I actually shot one of those side-by-sides with two full loads in it, it would knock me out."

Not that he hasn't been knocked around a lot on set as it is.  "We get bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes just like anybody else doing stunts," Ackles pointed out.  "We do a lot of practical stunts, because for the fights and stuff like that there are not a whole lot of visual effects."

Even things like the black demon eyes are often done practically.  "When we say 'practical'," noted Jared Padalecki, "it means literal -- it means it's going to really be there.  If you see the black grow and then shrink back, that's obviously CGI, but if it's going to be black for a while, then a lot of times they'll throw in contacts.  I actually like having the contacts.  Instead of them going, 'Now open your eyes and slowly blink and now they are black and back again,' I'd rather see through demon eyes.  With the contacts you feel weird and you can't see very well.  You feel like a different character.  I feel like a demon because the black contacts have this little slit in them that goes over your pupil.  It's like looking through a straw or something, and it makes you feel otherworldly.  It's very focused and pinpointed -- it's like demon vision!"

ETA: I was told the last two panels were too blurry to read (thanksbt_kady ). I can't get to my scanner at the moment, so here's the transcribed text instead. ~Sorry~

ETA2: Since I've transcribed the 2nd half of the interview, I've decided I might as well do the whole thing. For those of you having trouble reading the text from the images, the entire transcript is here.