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The Guardian, The Men from the Boys (Part 1 - 5)

Here it is, the fourth episode of Season One, titled The Men from the Boys.

I've actually never seen this episode before on TV--I missed the original airing and managed always missing the reruns as well.  I love the part about Burton's birthday, and how awkward it is for Nick to give his father a birthday present.

Equally interesting is Burton's reaction to Nick's present.  He is obviously surprised and pleased.  Too bad Nick balked after he presented his dad the gift and Burton only got to say thanks to Nick's retreating back!  It's so sad to see Burton's despondency after Nick walked out, and it's obvious he knew that lunch date with Nick was never going to happen!

Oh, and here's one of the Nickism from this episode:  "Too much testosterone from the alpha male makes the other men in the room seem weak."

And here's another (Nick to Alvin):  "Next time, don't give me a case because you think I'll go around the rules you're too afraid to break!"
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