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This weekend I watched two movies: Devour, and District 9 with friends. Interesting combination I know. But neither of them I would watch on my own. As much as I adore Jensen, I'm just not that into horror. I'm even lesser a fan of video game-isque movies.

Turned out both movies surprised me on some levels.  I've heard everyone saying Devour is terrible, so I wasn't expecting much. But I think several scenes were surprisingly well acted. I especially enjoyed all the scenes Jake had with his "Dad" Paul. This is the first time I've seen PapaAckles in action. I have to say now I understand where Jensen inherited his natural acting talent. I noticed Jensen made this movie right around the time he started Supernatural, but Jake Gray here is as far from Dean Winchester as one can get. Seeing this I realized we hardly ever saw Dean smile. He may smirk a lot, but he doesn't have that bright smile Jake, the college kid, flashed easily all the time. Also before seeing this movie, I never get the tattoo!kink I've seen people have in the fandom. I've endured over 2 and half hours of needle myself, and I never thought it could be remotely appealing. But the scene where Jake was getting his tat -- the flushed cheeks, hooded eyes, alcohol slick lips, and the playful call out to "nurse" for more "medicine" -- it's almost softcore!porn I thought. Of course, it's highly improbable someone like Marisol who supposedly works in medical care profession would feed alcohol to someone who's getting a tattoo. She should know the alcohol would cause the blood rushing to the surface of the skin, and cause excessive bleeding. But who cares, Jake drinking shots while getting a tat is a sight to behold. \o/

The real problem with Devour lies in how this movie was put together, I think. The hallucinations were too heavy and distracting, and because it was low budget, poorly shot. The image of the She-devil was ridiculously trite that instead of scary it made me laugh. And believe me, that says a lot because I'm a scaredy cat. One last thing about the movie: I'm really confused about the relationship between Jake's "Dad" Paul and his real mom Ann Kilton. According to the movie's credits as well as IMDB, Jake Gray's "Dad" is listed as Paul Kilton, who's married to wheelchair bound Kathy Gray. Is this a mistake, or was Jake really raised by his uncle? O_o

Now, moving onto District 9, the movie made me sick to my stomach and heart. But it's a really good political satire, and the format of the movie is unique. The documentary styled lens gave a "real" feel to the story, made me appreciate the saying that science fiction is a mirror to reality. Nonetheless, over half of the movie I had to avert my eyes, it's just too gross. My 10 yr old and his friend on the other hand shouted gleefully many times: "Cool. This is like a cross between Call of Duty and Command and Control!" I of course felt obliged to tell them the movie is not a glorified video game. All the violence and grossness they saw are to show the horror of prejudice and segregation, etc. etc...

I'm surprised to learn the lead actor Sharlto Copley had not acted before this and has no intention of pursuing an acting career. He is remarkably good as the lead Wikus here. His progression from a government bureaucrat to an outcast and a kindred spirit to the species he used to help repressing made the entire movie compelling.

In the end, my son asked me if I liked District 9. After giving due consideration I said it's an excellent movie but I didn't enjoy watching. He was confused and asked how was that possible. I explained that you don't always need a good movie to enjoy watching. For example, Devour isn't good, but I enjoyed it. ;-)
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