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My First Attempt at Making Banners

Recently I just downloaded Photoshop CS2 trial version to test it out.  I've been trying different things with it.  So I figured I'll make a banner.  I LOVE the one the talented  qqzj  made for me, but I just want to have a clue in what is involved in making one from scratch.  It turned out to be quite difficult--I don't really have any techniques and neat tricks at manipulating the images.  In particular, extracting an image from its background is really hard for me.  Style is another issue, but that can only come from talent and experience, and I don't have either one of them at the moment.  Anyway, my first attempt turns out to be pretty crude.  There were plenty of frustrations, but all in all, I did have fun making it!

Oh what the heck--here's the first one I made:

After getting advises from o_yannik, I've reworked on this banner a bit.  In particular, I redid the 2nd and 3rd heads, and here's the result:

One more thing I learned--Photoshop is at least ten times better than PaintShop Pro! Before I tried Photoshop, I downloaded PaintShop Pro (among other things, I used it in my first attempt at making icons).  But the program keeps crashing on me all the time!
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