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Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Big Sur Marathon

It's that time of the year again.  Tomorrow is the Big Sur International Marathon.  Hubby is signed up to do the 26 mile run, and I signed up with my son for the 5K.  I was very surprised that the marathon and all other events except 5K were sold out early this year.  I ran into people in early March who said that marathon registration was already closed by then.  I remember last year, my friend and her daughter were still able to sign up for the 9 mile power walk almost the day before the event.  But it's good to hear more people are putting on their running shoes and be active.  The drawback is that I asked laurie31 to ask Jamie Bamber at MegaCon if he would consider doing the Big Sur Marathon this year, and she said he appeared very interested!  But given how early the run was sold out, I don't think Jamie would be able to participate this year even if he wanted to!  Hopefully Jamie still would consider running next year.  It's truly an unique marathon, the course is so beautiful--just imagine running along the awesome Big Sur coastline!

This year we are all hoping to do better than last year.  We are all novices as far as running goes.  But hubby was running regularly for the past 6 to 7 month to get ready for this year's event.  Incidentally, he used the tips Jamie gave in April Edition of Men's Health interview on how to increase coasting speed in his practice runs.  I think he's more than ready for tomorrow, and if all things go accordingly, he should do much better than last year!  Me on the other hand am in much worse shape than last year.  Last year by this time, I had been swimming regularly.  But this year I haven't done anything!  I'm a little apprehensive about tomorrow.  Hopefully my son and I will do better than last year.
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