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5.18 - Point of No Return (SPN)

Okay let me try this -- my internet connection is very spotty. I hope it's not gonna choke on me. Anyway, this is not my normal long-winded review (thank god), but after watching this kick-ass and gratifying 100th episode, I'm left with this

burning question:

Dean said yes, didn't he?! True, he didn't say it to Michael in his "face", but he said it to the middleman -- the "guy" who broke the deal, so that counts, doesn't it?

Which means if Dean doesn't want Michael to "wear him to the prom", he would have to avoid the archangel with every means he got in the future. I think he only narrowly escaped being possessed by Michael here.

But I can't help thinking something fundamental about Dean has changed/evolved -- because how else could he have been able to kill another angel? Back in S4 episode 16 ("On the Head of a Pin"), it was established (via Uriel) that only an angel could kill another angel -- however, that in itself is convoluted because if true, the war between angels and demons is rather moot, isn't it? Regardless, that is what's been said, and I'm sticking to it for the moment. So unless the writers are going to ignore continuity, Dean has to have some angel grace in him to be able to ice Zachariah, I think.

Also in the past, Dean was not able to look directly into an angel's light, even a dying angel's. If I remember correctly, he had to shield his eyes when Anna's corporeal form burst into the intense light -- twice. So why was he able to stare at Zachariah's this time? Stare at it so intently he did that the reflection almost made his own eyes look transformed. That I believe is a CGI that was added intentionally, and I think it has a deeper meaning than a mere throwaway cool effect.

And then there's the title of this week's episode -- Point of No Return. If anything, I think that suggests something is moving forward to the point that they couldn't retrace back to where it was. I admit before watching the episode, I was very much worried it was referring to the brothers' relationship. But afterward, I realized that was not it (thank goodness).

Another lesser burning question was are we gonna see Adam again? In particular a Michael possessed Adam. At the conclusion of the episode, it was left in the open what happened to the third Winchester offspring. True, he wasn't the ideal vessel for Michael, but he was available. So did Michael pull a "Lucifer" and took a less than perfect deal? To be honest, as far as I'm concerned, I hope it was not the case -- for the simple fact that I don't wish to have the story diluted. Zachariah, although spiteful, spoken the truth here: Adam is the "illegitimate" half-brother of the ones that I do care about. With that being said, I concede Adam was used most effectively in this episode, adding to the story of Sam 'n Dean. I just don't wish to see it repeated often.

So what do you all think? I would love to hear your thinky thoughts on this.

p.s. Who else think Dean looked especially pretty in this week's episode? He's always pretty of course (and so was Sam), but I think this week he was "lit" (or "filtered") differently here. I particularly felt this during the scene in the panic room. Dean's face was much more vivid, his lips were almost "cherry-red", while Sam's face was devoid of its color:

Dean in panic room:

Sam in panic room:

I wonder if the technical choice wasn't made intentionally to emphasize the state of the protagonists: Dean as the one made peace with his decision to sacrifice himself, and Sam as the one most anxious over what his brother (and later on brothers) was planning on doing. All in all, this was indeed an excellent episode.

p.p.s. Just when I thought I finished with my questions, I remembered the letter. Did anyone made out what Dean has written? And to whom the letter was addressed? I kinda think the letter was meant for Sam, simply because all the rest of the stuff he put in that box had to meant for Sam -- the leather jacket, the key to the Impala, his favorite handgun (gosh, just typing it up is giving me the chill and making me misty eyed). Anyway, here's the screencap of the letter. It's the best I can do at the moment:

Please tell me what he wrote here (or part of it). I'm so blind I can't make out a thing!
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