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The Inner Fashionista in Me

Just found out the brand of the jeans jacket Jensen Ackles wore on his dinner date at Katsuya in Hollywood. It's the G-Star Slim Taylor Jacket in Urban Denim Track Aged (priced around $270 online. Apparently there's a ladies' version too, priced slightly less at $240.)

For the record, I personally adore this outfit he had on. I love jeans on jeans look, but it can be tricky to pull off. For one thing, matched top and bottom in the same wash is just too passé. Thankfully, he chose a darker washed jeans for the bottom instead. The plaid cotton shirt he layered here further broke the monotony of the jeans, making the whole outfit look less like a uniform.

My favorite part of the look is the scarf. I know not everyone thinks the same way as I do, but the simple accessory not only is functional, it also adds a bit of whimsical touch to the otherwise staid look. I also appreciate that even though the look is layered, he kept the color tone to basic white and blue, thus the getup still looks crisp instead of fussy.

In my opinion, it's always easy to look good in a well tailored suit. Therefore, as gorgeous as I think Jensen looks on the red carpet, it's this casual look he sported here I find more interesting.

I'm curious to know what you, my flist, think of the outfit. In particular, what's your opinion on the scarf. Do you love it, hate it? Below is the first poll I've ever created here at LJ. Tell me what you think.


Poll #1557030 Jensen's Outfit

What about the scarf?

Yes! Love it. He's got style.
Oh god, take off that thing please!
*shrug* It's chilly out here.

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