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A Day at the Race

That's it!  Today is the Big Sur International Marathon, and we did it (well, hubby did, my son and I did 5K)!  But first, let me thank o_yannik, suffolkgirl, stilettos81, and Mick who left wonderful encouragements and well wishes for me and my family!

Both hubby and I had a hard time felling asleep last night.  We were excited and nervous (at least I was).  I worried whole night long that we wouldn't get up early enough to catch the race.  For my hubby, he had to be at the bus pickup place at 3:45 a.m.!  But everything all went pretty smoothly.  It turned out to be a perfect day for running--partly cloudy and a little foggy along the coastline.  It was a bit chilly before the race started, but it was so nice not to have to deal with the added heat from the sun during the race.

As results go, we are all happy that we each beat our personal time from last year.  I'm super proud of hubby who clocked at 4:46:27 (chip time).  He was about 50 minutes faster than last year.  I'm glad that his training for the past several months has paid off.  My son clocked at 46:59 (finish time) when he went down the "chute", and I was one second behind him.  We were about 16 minutes faster than last year.  Although I suspect our actually running time is probably somewhere between 37 to 47 minutes since we ran the 3rd wave, which started 10 minutes behind the 1st 5K send off.

One thing I'm embarrassed to admit though:  half way through the first mile which was all uphill, I had to "beg" my son to slow down--I was having a difficult time keeping up with his pace!   Also after the run, my son was still energetic.  After we came home and took a shower, he dragged his dad to take him to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a reward for finishing the race!  I of course begged off the outing and stayed home instead.

So now, the 2007 Big Sur Marathon is behind us, and I learned several lessons from this year's experience:

  1. Running is fun and inspiring!  Now I'm hoping we'll do another 5K this year.
  2. A good pair of running shoes is really essential for long distance running!  Last year, both my son and I had blisters after the run.  But this year, I bought myself a pair of Saucony running shoes, and my son a pair of Asics.  They really work wonders--neither of us had any problem with our feet during and after the run!  One of those high-tech socks that they sell at running stores are a must too--they are much better than cotton ones that they wick the sweats and keep the feet cool.
  3. Next year, I should not register the event through my son's school.  I didn't realize this until now--they only count the results for 5K Open registration runners.  I was quite disappointed at not able to find my son's name on the Results list even though his time was good enough to be on it.  Oh well, like hubby says--the important thing is for my son to participate.  But still, I would like to have my son to feel his hard work counted.
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