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VanCon Sunday Tweets

Okay, I'm nowhere near Vancouver at the moment. But I've been periodically following #vancon on Twitter. In the sea of endless retweets, these are the relevant ones I gathered. They are listed in the order I saw them, with the newest ones on the top.

@Patronhippie: Jensen (sarcastically) bitched about Dean not being part of the mythology S1-4 & Jared said that's cuz he was the "eye candy" LOL #vancon

@FiercelyNormal: Jensen has been to West Edmonton Mall. #vancon

@padaleckibrazil: Jared at #vancon by angels-cordy http://twitpic.com/2jgmma

@padaleckibrazil: JARED AND JENSEN AT #vancon by angels-cordy lj http://twitpic.com/2jgrcw

@an0o0la Photo: #vancon #jensen http://tumblr.com/xj7h2yhla

@KJNeely: Baha!!!!!!! Jared & Jensen Grafittied Mishas picture!! LMAO!! #vancon http://twitpic.com/2jgpuk

@Campaspe: #vancon aww talk it over! J2 are now graffiting a canvas of Misha XD instead of signing it LOL

@Campaspe: #vancon difference of filming horrors compared to SPN: JP "Jensen's not in them!", JA "or they're titled 'Christmas Cottage'!" XD

@LauinLA: Jensen thinks Christmas Cottage is very frightening, Jared thinks New York Minute was much scarier #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen watches half hour comedies like the office/30 rock/modern family in his downtime #vancon

@FiercelyNormal: Movie for Jareds life? The Little Mermaid. Movie for Jensens - Operation Dumbo Drop (answered by each other) #vancon

@FiercelyNormal: Jensen watches comedies on his laptop because he flies to LA almost every weekend. #vancon

@LauinLA: The Impala is insured as a movie prop so would get impounded if they took it for joyrides #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen has learned to tune him out and ignore him, he says Misha hasn't yet, which Jared finds hilarious and takes advantage of. #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen says there are more ruined takes because of Jared's pranks, since he does whatever he wants during Jensen's converage #vancon

@LauinLA: S6 is the bonus round, going back to their roots since you couldn't sustain a big, dark mythology like the last couple years #vancon

@LauinLA: Ghostfacers in season 6? Jared says it's up to y'all guys, if you want them back they'll be inclined to bring them back #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen is making the comparison with Johnny Depp losing his identity during 21 jump street because he was his character all the time #vancon

@LauinLA: We'll see a difference/maturity in Sam when he returns - they won't be perky and have ice cream #vacon

@LauinLA: Ew, spn fans, NO. jensen said PLEASE don't send his parents things for him, especially spells/underwear. Should go without saying... #vancon

@LauinLA: Jared said that he gave Misha the Jensen poster on his door, it was recycling #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen took red hood role because they called him and no-one should turn that down. Filming live action is night and day from v/o #vancon

@LauinLA: Jared is on the floor snoring since Jensen is talking Batman: under the red hood #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen showed up on the first day of directing with 8 days of shotlists - is being typically modest over the crew doing all the work #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen couldn't have asked for someone more caring and giving than @jumblejim to direct on his first time behind the camera. #vancon

@LauinLA: Jared joked that they've fired Misha to make room in the budget for bigger eps. #vancon

@LauinLA: On Matt Cohen saying his workout regime is better than Jared's, J says it's not hard to be muscly on a 5'4 frame like Matt's - he's 6'4.

@LauinLA Jensen says Jeffrey Dean Morgan is all fine & well & sends his best to all the fans: if Jensen could play anyone else, he'd be John #vancon

@Campaspe: #vancon if you could be any other character: JA "Castiel", JP "Dean"

@campaspe: #vancon JA SPN fans are thankfully not like the "crazy Twilight fans" XD

@Campaspe: #vancon damn, someone asked about Dean/Cas. JA not answering.

@FiercelyNormal: The question was asked by a male fan something about Dean/Cas as lovers. He said he was going to respond by not responding. #vancon

@biberoni: #vancon re Misha having a shrine to Jensen in his bedroom, Jensen says "why is that odd?" Jared helped Misha make it XD http://tumblr.com/xj2h2taxq

@FiercelyNormal: Asked about Mishas Jensen shrine Jen said "I don't see anything odd about that" #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen says that Jared and Misha have formed a small Jensen appreciation society and are seeking counseling #vancon

@LauinLA: On Misha marrying Jensen/Dean and killing Jared/Sam, Jensen says "never were wiser words spoken." Jared says Misha should watch out. #vancon

@LauinLA: For anyone experiencing supernatural happenings, Jensen says "salt your door, for crying out loud - we don't make this stuff up!" #vancon

@Campaspe: #vancon JP doesn't believe in SPN stuff, would say a cold spot was a draft instead of a ghost XD

@Campaspe: #vancon anything SPN like happened to J2: JA, the success of the show? XD

@LauinLA: Jensen wasn't upset about not playing Michael, he was just glad that Dean was part of the mythology finally #vancon

@Campaspe: #vancon JP talking abt pranking Misha again, telling the story where he stole Misha's phone and txt himself/phoned Thailand.

@LauinLA: Jensen says that the production is a lot bigger this season and the episodes are more ambitious/difficult to film. #vancon

@Campaspe: #vancon re Sara taking over JP and JA agree it's a lot different working wise to how Eric did it, but we won't notice when it aires.

@bree9643: #vancon Jensen says the shows are bigger under Sera.

@bree9643: #vancon Jensen asks Jared to take his clothes off. "I thought you'd never ask."

@FiercelyNormal: Hows season 6 going to be different under Sera? Jared - Im naked a lot more. #vancon

@FiercelyNormal: Once you do it once people expect it all the time. That's why Jared never shows up on time. -Jensen. #vancon

@bree9643: #vancon J2 saw um at the same time and really like the wincest fanvid.

@bree9643: #vancon Jensen not gonna sing. Too nervous. Aww. "This is not America's got talent"

@Campaspe: #vancon first Q is for Jensen and Jared just threw a pretend chair-smashing tantrum XD

@LauinLA: Aaaand the first question is the most inappropriate, good god. #vancon

@LauinLA: Jensen Ackles and his leather jacket should be illegal, it's a public health hazard.

@Anast_D: So far, I'm loving Jensen't jacket from tinkabell007 http://youtu.be/dQU4jWXoMRM #vancon

@Campaspe: Jensen re pranks between Jared and Misha: if Jared was a cat, Misha would be the ball of string #vancon

@Campaspe: Pranks involved Jensen stealing Misha's car and Jared stealing his phone, which he then used to call Thialand XD

@Campaspe: Jared and Jensen have signed on for another 2yrs, no garuntee for 7 season but theyre available if there is #vancon

@Campaspe #vancon Jared confirms that Misha's wife is pregnant and due in like a month! Awww.


That's about all the excitement for today. FYI, I just learned today that to suppress retweets, type -rt option following the hastag in the search field, i.e. #vancon -rt. However, that won't take out those tweets that starts with "RT".

Special thanks to @LauinLA, @Campaspe, @FiercelyNormal, and many others who tirelessly brought us the near real-time updates.
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