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SPN Official Magazine #19: A Snippet

I was at local Borders today and saw the newest edition of the Supernatural Official Magazine. I don't have the time to make the scan yet. The perennial J2 interview IMO mostly consists the same stuff we've already read/heard anyway. But there's a segment of Sera Gamble's interview really caught my attention, mainly because she was asked a question that I had previously wondered about a lot.

Speaking of Michael, had you already planned for Dean to be the angel's vessel back when you were writing season two's Bloodlust? Because it looks like Dean has a halo in that episode...
The happy accident halo! I remember when I saw the director's cut of Bloodlust, Bob Singer, who directed it, took me into the room and put it in for me, and he sat quietly next to me, very subtly watching my reaction. He's a humble guy, he doesn't toot his own horn too much, but I think he knew he'd done a really good job with that episode. We got to the part where we pushed in on this close-up of Jensen looking back at the house where they'd left Gordon tied up, and there was an amazing flare behind Jensen's head that looked exactly like a halo. He looked so beautiful and amazing in that moment. It was so perfect that I had a hard time imagining it was an accident, but Bob said it was just an accident.

The scene in question, of course, is this...

Tags: dean winchester, jensen ackles, spn magazines
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