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Never Before Seen Pictures of Jamie by Kharen Hill

The wonderful and ever resourceful falconer17 strikes again! I don't quite know how she manages to find new pictures of Jamie all the time. But she did so and posted a bunch of new ones at her journal Falcy's Scrolls yesterday. Those are the pictures taken by photographer Kharen Hill. Awhile ago, some of the photographer's pictures of Jamie were used in a feature article about the actor from Parade magazine.  But the pictures falcy found are mostly never before seen until now.

I'm only reposting here a couple of my favorite pictures from this batch.  The rest can be seen at falcy's scrolls.

Click for Bigger Images

I love Jamie's awesome smile in the picture on the left.  Ever since BSG season 3 finale aired, I've been particularly partial to Jamie in white oxford shirts!  And that velvet blazer looks super luxe on him!  Since I'm having fun with the PhotoShop CS2, I made another banner with these pictures.

I've been fixated about aviator sunglasses lately--I want to get one for myself!   So I only used pictures where Jamie is wearing his aviator sunglasses.  Even though it's a shame his baby blues are covered by these large shades, he still looked hot (or should I say cool) in them.   On the other hand, I'm not too crazy with the wallpaper in the background.  So I got rid of the flowery print...

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