xwacky (xwacky) wrote,

Pimping a comment-fic meme

Whoooo, fleshflutter is running a comment-fic meme at her place. Click the image below to head over!

The Sam and Dean are reunited (or Dean at least finds out Sam isn't dead) comment-fic meme

So far, I've only had chance to read a couple (and they are fabulous):

Prompt: While out hunting solo, Sam and Dean inadvertently check into the same motel. --> Presence by lazy_daze

Prompt: Dean pays a surprise visit to Bobby. He sure didn't expected Sam to open the door. --> Untitled by poor_choices

I've seen so many of my favorite authors posting there, I can't wait to sit down and go through them all!
Tags: recs, spn fic
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